In today’s Greece Eustace Mullins is known as Efstathios Malins. Who better to ask about the Byzantines than the Greeks?

how the forces from Venice had just evolved from in 1100 AD until modern times… It took centuries of patient effort for the New World Order to gain momentum.

The ones behind the Bank of England, which caused our Revolutionary War, were once located in Venice. “Malins” and these Greeks substantiate that Chinese historiographer. They frame the Romanov Dynasty as a continuation of Byzantium. And Putin is something like that today. Everyone knows who was behind the Bolshevik Revolution- no one knows what caused the fall of the (older) Byzantines.

The Bolsheviks did this for the simple reason that the Tsar was perpetuating the GREEK BYZANTINE EMPIRE in central Russia at the time. This was something that TODAY’S Venetians could not digest or tolerate.

Might as well call them today’s Babylonians though right?

This old shark has its entire people protected. That’s pretty impressive. Has rewritten history so thoroughly no one would think to trace them back to Babylon, Khazaria, Venice, Portugal, Amsterdam, England. Seems like a really trustworthy ruling-caste that needs to cover its tracks like this.

While simplistic, this is one of the better maps of this I’ve seen

That just screams “trust” doesn’t it? And that’s only like 1/10th of the story, if not 1/100th.

“I don’t care what they did in the past because I like the policies they implement in the present.” They control education, of course you would think that. Their “holiday” used to be crucifying Christian children, and they continue to do that in a sublimated and seemingly “civilized” way. Hopping from country to country taking control of your financial and belief systems in order to crucify you, isn’t that nice.

No one else talks about this, so I feel obliged. I’d like to be sitting on a beach right now NOT talking about it in fact. What would my conscience do to me if I just let it all happen without saying anything against it? You probably know that experience well. Not a murmur, nary a pang of conscience in that rotted noggin of yours I bet. How bout this, I take your place on the beach, and you write about the things I do. Sound like a deal?

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