Spicy etymology from Mullins

Hebrew in all ancient literature was written as “Habiru”… the Egyptians always wrote of the Jews as “the cutthroat bandits from across the river”.

From a 1952 book

Habiru translates to, among other things, “dirty outlaw murderer” besides simply cutthroat.

I always think I’ve found all possible “nicknames” for them. Habiru, I like how closely this one sounds to Hebrew.

They were known as robbers and bandits that camped out on the outskirts of cities

In the last century hundreds of clay tablets have been discovered which mention these Habirus. These date from the 1700s-1100s BC!

Why would those Byzantines want to keep “cutthroats” out of their empire?

They were refugees who preyed upon cities

Virtually without exception, Biblical scholars both past and present approach the question of Hebrew origins from a religious point of view. Rather than adopt what is reliably known about the Habiru as the starting point of their investigation, their normal tendency is to try to fit the Habiru into a picture of Hebrew origins which is ultimately derived from the story told in the Bible.

Were the Babylonians wrong to take people like that into captivity (600 BC)? Centuries of causing trouble, and we’re talking here about 1700 BC, not 1700 AD when they were causing trouble in Lithuania. The criminal behavior of these cutthroats must have subtilized in Babylon.

in recent decades, as Hoffmeier rightly claimed, linking the Hebrews and the Habiru “has been discouraged.”

Any Jew reading this happen to ever want to… cut my throat?

This Mullins is really knocking them out of the park. He’s the only true scholar of Pound out there.

Bandit cutthroats in power, I wonder what’s going to happen?

They soon rose to high positions in the land of the Pharaohs, and simultaneously, as was to happen in so many other countries, the empire began to disintegrate.

The word Habiru is really Apiru, which translates to “dusty, dirty”.

The basic fact I try to highlight for you is that they are where they are today because they have no qualms with using immoral means. This goes back at least 3700 years or so, and even 100 years ago you can still see they were the same as the ones of today.

Should’ve just killed them all

Nebuchadnezzar, the mightiest ruler of the ancient world, had received many complaints about the Jewish bandits operating in Palestine that he marched against them. The Babylonian armies pursued the Jews relentlessly into the deserts and wildernesses until they had killed or captured all of them.

Just read Mullins, he’s a rare one.

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