I feel like the mystery is pretty much solved. You’ll slowly die in the process of solving it. Because people don’t want it solved. They’ve grown fond of the apparatus that facilitates “Everything is Permitted”. It’s kind of like a never-ending vacation for them. When the mystery is solved that ends. There’s balance in the universe, and future generations will have to pay for the suspension of morality seen in the last handful of decades. Whatever was a free-for-all for you will be the exact opposite for future people.

The sublimity of what I’ve called the Monument is something people are forced to look at the ground in the presence of. They think it’s something solid. If you’re able to look up at it, it is initially a mystery. Its solidity is put into question once you can do that. And once the mystery is solved, that solidity is no more. It’s not a mystery anymore, and it has no reason to be perceived as so sublime that people fear it.

I always think the mystery is Solved, and everyday I find there’s another dimension to add to it. The rest is just minute details, from my perspective. That shouldn’t stop you from determining what those are. Like I’ve said, this subject warrants multiple university departments. We have a general idea of what they would focus on. I for one have reached so many levels of enlightenment I’ve lost count since the days of Collen Ryan ranting about this stuff in a very in my opinion intermediary fashion. Before I met him I’d smirk about it and I’d have a vague idea of what it’s all about, and then he pushed me over the threshold into seeing it as something to not find funny at all, that is rather a matter of the gravest importance. And like he said himself, he’s more of an engineer type, likes to build things with his hands like the kids these days can’t do, as the boomers say. His rants were just the beginning. Memes are just the beginning. There are ascending levels of subtlety to understanding all of this. I repeat- if you seek to solve the mystery you yourself will gradually die, unless you are doing it in a personal journal. And I unfortunately am aware that many who shouldn’t be reading this have been reading it. They do not want that mystery solved. They don’t even want it to exist at the level of meme, let alone rational articulation. So, just telling you what to look out for if anyone else decides to try in the future. Even the ones who do want it solved will in most cases be intrinsically linked with the rabble that is rabidly opposed to it being solved, and that will pull them into that attitude as well.

Fortunately I only talk to golden dawn people here. On the plane of ideas it is all settled. All they have now is psyops to hide it. Preferably in their mind they will up the ante on miscegenation propaganda because once you’re a coonbrain the mystery will never be solved. Or in other words, you won’t have the cognitive ability to grasp what already exists on the plane of ideas. If you took up my challenge earlier and tried reading the Parmenides then you’ll probably be very familiar with this phenomenon. Things are formulated in the past that fallen generations have no ability to understand. As things stand now, it’s already over for them in an abstract sense. The problem we have is that they control a barrier between the higher realm and the lower and so the herd will not be shown what we have collectively achieved on the internet together over the years. The “streets” as I called it in a post earlier. We’ve just been having a casual chat outside of these institutions that surround us that try to convince us of their prestige and we inescapably feel that we are above them. All they have left is psyops to hide the reality that they have been destroyed in a thousand different ways. The Jews have been delegitimized beyond their wildest imaginations. They don’t respond because they can’t, they only psyop because that’s all they can do, they only get more and more fanatical to convince whites to be coons. “These retards will never be able to solve the mystery.” It’s solved, kike, and you know now that that word perfectly suits what you are.

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