You’re a nigger. I see no point in talking to you. There’s no one to respect. I only continue writing here because I feel sorry for people. Eventually I will stop caring even about that. You have no hope, you are a doomed subhuman who is going to resemble an animal in the future because you are already a half-animal now. It’s too late. I have no desire to continue talking to Americans.

That time you realized no one could ever love a whore.

Now all their lives are anguish and they can never admit it. Least of all say anything about the Jews. They sacrifice all their daughters on their pyre.

Congrats for you I guess, I see no reason to talk to you people anymore. You’re niggers. That’s the end of the story. That’s it. There’s nothing else to say.

“Finally! A white man isn’t judging us!” Yeah, that’s how a subhuman feels. You have next to no value to me, you’re just an advocate of retardation trying to hide that like anyone else. Years of talking to niggers and I don’t see the point anymore. You’re already retarded and you want the world to be more retarded – why would I want to bother talking with a nigger like that? “We’ll use bots to convince us we’re not retards.” If you weren’t retards you wouldn’t have to use bots. Imagine me talking to you face to face. Would you have to use a bot to answer a question of mine? If you need that then you have no dignity. And most people are like that so I see no need to talk here. If you’re a nigger it’s like talking to an object, there’s no meaning in that.

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