I’m magnetized to those old anthropologists. I just want to know how humans got to be what they are.

races that faced squarely “the pitiless struggle causing selection” in harsher environments had “bred the highest mental characteristics.” This was true of the “Nordic race in the harsh struggle for existence at the border of the Ice Age’s glaciers.”

So this is why we’re different from the other farmer peoples in the East?

My first thought is “I hope we have another one so we can get to the posthuman.” Am I the only one who thinks like that? Most days I feel like I am.

What was life like for us?

I have a hunch that our psychology was shaped by fire and fur. We evolved away from the monkeys, didn’t have fur, and this wasn’t Africa anymore.

The Ice Age ended 11,500 years ago

Walking around in the cold, this must have been what their lives revolved around

Remember that old phrase, “dummy thicc”? Why hunt, why shiver beside a fire? For one of these things, a big beautiful woman. That might have been a sign of status at that time, because you’d have more fat to burn off if the hunting was unpredictable?

So are you ready to hear the theories of Nazi anthropologists about this yet? You really trust leftists telling you about it? Why would you align yourself politically with people who are bound to lie about something like that? “The frost didn’t make us any different from anyone else!”

I dunno, doesn’t this seem like a plausible thesis to you?

This general line of thought is poison to them.

How many tens of thousands of years of struggling in the cold will be erased with the enforced melting pot protocol? Who cares, right?

I think many progs truly wonder this and don’t admit it

If being intelligent is such a good idea, why haven’t more animals achieved it?

Being a mere mechanism that doesn’t think is appealing to them. Being a joyful servant of the state they’re already halfway there.

This book is from 1991. Even then it was a lot easier to talk about this stuff

Smart, clever, intelligent: some gradations of learning, insight, and plan-ahead.

He not know how to plan-ahead, no breed with him, you freeze to death

Even the stereotypical caveman looks more evolved than Latinos or blacks

So there are books out there on how living during that time forged our spirit?

Somewhere along the line we developed this “pity problem” in our spirit as well. Don’t you feel pulled to defend the people from the warmer climates? Even I do. Someone has to look at it “coldly” though. “No they don’t, that’s why we leave you out in the cold.” Oh, thanks. I know how to start a fire, I’ll be fine without you.

Why don’t we see anything as simple as this in South America or Africa?

Or, elsewhere on the civilization-continent

You ain’t losin’ nothin’ goy.

Then we also have the gynocracy which is hostile to determining the facts about all this. What could the meaning of those Venus figurines really be anyway? They’ll want to keep the facts suppressed in order to increase their freedumb.

When you sort through the earth’s population there really isn’t a high percent that wants to know about this.

Nooo there hasn’t been a conspiracy against me for years in order to bury any of this, if you ever detected that then it’s all part of your imagination. There’s no “collection of retards” who want to bury this. Haha niggers. Back to warm climate and being brainless for you. Because you hate real humanity.

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