Surprisingly candid article from 2019 on climate and intelligence. You’d think something as simple as this wouldn’t be somewhat “epiphanic” to me, and yet it’s so suppressed that it is

shelters have to be sturdier

Maybe I wasn’t fair to women earlier- they developed their own kind of intelligence

pushes them into more cognitively demanding tasks, like garment making, needlework, weaving, leatherworking, pottery

There wasn’t any foraging in these cold times, the men were hunting exclusively. And the women were making warm clothes.

This probably explains why the middle east didn’t develop into the 1st world even though they invented farming

an explosion of creativity that preadapted its inhabitants for later developments, i.e., farming, more complex technology and social organization, and an increasingly future-oriented culture.

We were learning to live through harsh winters before we began agriculture- the latter was grafted onto the former.

And then of course I love to bring up this side of the “human story” too

the Jews formed a wealthy and powerful ruling class in Babylon, and they devoted their time and money to formulating a Jewish ethic, which was written down as the Babylonian Talmud… Its birthplace, Babylonia, was an autonomous Jewish centre for a longer period than any other land; namely, from soon after 586 before the Christian era to the year 1040 after the Christian era—1626 years.

Two types of Brahmin developed in this eastern location

Their respective servant-castes continue to be “lop-sided” to this day. Figuratively speaking, imagine God has two sons, and one son he feeds the best meals and the other he gives gruel and scraps of grain. The Jews and Brahmins were the favored, “fattened” son.

So if you want to learn about the most sophisticated entities in the universe, the cold of the west is a significant dimension in explaining whites, and the exploitation of the east is a significant dimension in explaining Jews and Brahmins. Then the Chinese had a little bit of both.

“I think you’re just making this up as you go along.” You’re not going to find this type of speculation in a textbook, what else can you do!

Heh, this is another case where that animated movie Ice Age is just about anyone knows about the Ice Age.

This seems to be more or less the heart of it, that kind of explains Everything

“What about the Jews, what about the Jews?” Good question, I think a scientific person would wonder about that here. I’ll do a post on the cultural conditions of Babylon another time. In order to have taken over Babylon though they had to have been “pre-adapted” for it so we’d have to go back before that to when they were Habiru bandits. Early Europeans hunted megafauna, and early Hebrews hunted their own type of megafauna (which happened to be other humans).

Anyway, I think it’s important to keep in mind the abovementioned “grafting” idea. Many peoples in the world never even farmed. Europeans FIRST developed in the cold, THEN farmed also.

“Class-division” probably arose from who had the sturdiest, most cold-resistant shelters and warmest, least tatterable clothing. And this would correspond with people with the most prowess for time-management. There’s a difference between skill in hunting and skill in not freezing to death. With Jews it was the skill to not be caught being sneaky. “Oh you just had to throw that in there huh?” They had to be talented at making more than their fair share while also not being detected as immoral. Jews that couldn’t do that the rabbis probably kept people’s daughters away from. If one of them led to “the goyim know, shut it down!” then obviously he was bad for the tribe.

This is interesting

Do they still “process the raw materials” to this day? I know the women who read me tend to make some real ragged, frayed clothing from what I say here. Wouldn’t want them around if there was the possibility of freezing to death, because you’d be a human ice cube with the clothes they make. I keep bringing back this Jewish megafauna to them and they just don’t know what to do with its pelt.

Yeah click that initial link though, it really sheds a lot of light on everything

The pace of genetic evolution in our species speeded up over a hundredfold some 10,000 years ago… They were no longer coping with new forms of climate, vegetation, and wildlife. They were now adapting to new forms of social complexity, such as tools and technologies, means of subsistence, social structures, and belief systems

The conditions for the evolution of intelligence vanished in the mists of time

Ice Age ended 11,700 years ago, “Native” Americans arrived on their continent 15,000 years ago.

So tens of thousands of years living in the frost seems to have made all the difference

And if you think of the eskimos, say, they never farmed. Speaking of them, they actually discovered a gene that distinguishes farmers from hunter-gatherers

This correlation has one exception: hunter-gatherers living at high latitudes (Inuit) show high frequencies of the Met allele, possibly due to the higher pressure on technological skills and planning abilities

How is this from a 2019 study????

Northern hunting peoples thus broke free of the cognitive straitjacket imposed by hunting and gathering.

And you see from this post and it isn’t merely imposed by hunting and gathering, it’s imposed by hunting and gathering in warm climates. I like my frosty cognition, thank you very much. The left wants it dissolved in the melting pot.

They did a study on “bird brains”

Most animals adapt to winter by avoiding it (hibernating, going south, etc.) so these chickadees are an exception, like Europeans, who confronted the cold head-on.

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