So what do you think, should I ask someone with a name like this to help me understand this subject?

Let’s just say if I see one too many “signs” I’m going to be switching to the Farsinet.

We’re speaking here of Sasanian Mesopotamia of the 5th-7th centuries AD.

I’m not content with others and myself being manipulated, and that’s how I interpret what all those institutions they control as doing to us. Do you like to be manipulated? No, me neither, that’s why I like to try to figure out their secrets.

What is in question is their central human programming manual so there’s undoubtedly a strong presence of it in everything they do today

These ones were after the time of the “sages” (200–450)

This book argues that the Bavli’s dominant culture is the product of its anonymous redactors (editors), known as “Stammaim,” who lived 450–650

Before the time of these editors there were no “academies”. You might remember an older post of mine that showed these editors were sort of what we think of as PhDs. Before these doctors it was more like the image we have of Buddha talking to a few disciples. So, from the Babylonian Captivity in 600 BC until 450 AD they had no formal academic institution. Remember not to ever bring up this book, kids, or you’ll have robots people pretend are black humans telling you your dick is small, that’s just how it works! Natural consequences in the normal world. Does that enthuse you to talk about it?

See, this is like a Quran no one knows about, and which has about a million times more impact on the world than the Quran

Around the beginning of the fifth century c.e. there was a significant break with the past and the beginning of an independent cultural period characterized by new values and expressive styles.

Isn’t it odd how this study begins?

It’s just a book, what’s the problem? Why are you mad? Why is it that when we think of them as “the people of the book” it isn’t this central book of theirs we think of? “Do we need to add anuddah robot we pretend is a black person, goy??” That doesn’t answer my question, kike. They want the cold intelligence of whites to be dissolved into a puddle of mud, and they’ll all work together to make that happen. Because people like me truly perceive them as niggers, and we’re right to. If we put all the desert and jungle niggers into one state it would revert to the third world within 50 years. Only people who aren’t truly human will lead to that. They’re permanent niggers, they’re never going to change for the better. And their secret book is what led to this, of desert cutthroats manipulating an all too trusting people.

It’s just normal everyone is taught to hate the creators of civilization of all people. Take a step back and wonder about that. There couldn’t possibly be any ill-will involved in that. What’s the consequence of hating people like that, liking people who didn’t and can’t create civilization? What if those people were patently oblivious to any sense of morality? That couldn’t be real. We’d have to be living on some sort of evil timeline for that to be real. And what’s that? If you make this known then all the evil people will want you gone? Wow, funny how that works. Muds have no history, and Jews have a shameful history, some exemplary groups if you ask me. They must not have any clue what morality is if that’s the case, and it does seem to be the case. It’s time to round them up. I don’t think we should imprison them, I think we should just kill them. If you dare to question them you will be exiled from society, what else do they deserve? A totalitarian ruling-caste that is actively insuring that in future generations your brain will be made of dirt and you won’t be able to think, and in the meantime being happy with bots that convince you anyone who questions them is bad and that jungle people have souls. Am I living in a sci-fi dystopia or what?

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