Looking into Ice Age literature, this one looks like it might be cool

I see some with Neanderthals as the protagonists too- lots of ways to possibly go about this. I recently saw a trailer for a future movie about human evolution, and I expect it to be “gentle”. This is another time and place it would be interesting to see someone off the reservation writing about. The theme of consciousness emerging from the cold weather conditions.

This is kind of like Laruelle’s suggestion that fiction should do its best to incorporate the most up-to-date understanding of reality among scientists. Instead of using quantum mechanics which is his main example, in this case the latest discoveries of geology and paleontology could be used to make the fiction all the more realistic and thus immersive. I like smart people and I don’t want them to go extinct- this is a way to help avoid that. A story that portrays the emergence of cognitive faculties such as “planning ahead”. There just isn’t enough art out there for people like me, and I wish there was.

Remember those Habirus? Imagine the possibilities with something like this

This “innocent” fiction can be used as a model to piggyback off of. I’m probably going to get out of here one of these days and do this myself, this is just what I wish I could read in the meantime in between my philosophy and history studies.

Understanding Lincoln’s Revolution with this kind of thing

The problem is you can expect all this to have been written by progs and not Leary SMILE enthusiasts

Ah I knew it! Stephen Jay Gould wrote the introduction to this novel, bad bad sign. This is the “scientist” that led to so many deceptions about human skulls.

See, the first review of it, somehow someway, brings up racism (and no one is shocked)

Thanks, I’m not going to waste my time reading this book then.

Trust the ~science~

Now back to the review of that novel

Huh, learning now that the author of Lord of the Flies has a novel about the genocide of the Neanderthals.

My point though is that our culture can do better than that animated movie Ice Age to portray that crucial time in the story of humanity.

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