This is extremely controversial

Apparently the chickadees of Kansas aren’t too bright.

Remember my post from the other day about Sinonet and CRISPR- pretty much everyone in the world avoids this subject, for their own peculiar reasons. I’m someone who has pretty obsessively tried to find information like the above about humans, having the intuition that’s the truth about people from colder climates, and haven’t found much of anything. They’ll much more easily write about birds.

The west’s relation to the human brain reminds me of a primitive tribe’s relation to the taboo. They see it as something that “pollutes”. If you think too much about it then you’re polluting the Good.

Their intellectual profiles differ across the US

They found that animals that hibernate during the winter tend to have a smaller brain. The cold gets the gears turning. Then there are other species that simply die in the cold- their life-span is built to live only during warm seasons.

The science on this is still pretty “churchy”

It was widely thought in academia that humans had essentially stopped evolving much earlier, long before they spread from Africa to the other continents.

What kind of blinders do you have to have on to believe that?! The Proud North and the Evil South, that’s where those are from.

Again, I’m amazed I’m reading this in a 2019 study – how did this happen? This scientist must be under a bridge right now.

Oooh getting into some esoteric racism here

Europe has many Paleolithic sites with cave paintings, but Northeast Asia has only one, and that site has no depictions of human figures

You wanted to explain why they have to steal all of our technology and ideas?

Mean IQ must have therefore increased in East Asians after the last Ice Age, probably during the time of recorded history

“That’s beyond the pale! Let’s just not talk about any of this.” Brains with a built-in sluggishness? Ashkenazim are similar in their narrow narcissism. Please show me their materialist gene, scientists! They must have a bunch of nasty ones to isolate in fact.

It’s really dark what they speculate about the reasons for how the Chinese boosted their intelligence. Female infanticide. The poor populations died off, the rich had multiple wives and concubines.

Something similar in Europe also, that’s just how it goes

the growth of the English middle class. He found that it grew steadily from the twelfth century onward, its descendants not only growing in number but also replacing the lower classes through downward mobility

Sounds brutal yet healthy if you ask me. These days we don’t let the lower classes die off, we actively place them into the middle and upper classes. The people that benefit from this don’t care, they don’t care it’s not for the good of everyone. That goes for all the intersectional failures that were born for the servant-caste, and preferably to be kept out of the sight of people who see how sickening they really are.

Tell me that this statement about Europeans isn’t indirectly talking about nonwhites

IQ steadily rose throughout Western Europe during late medieval and early modern times. Previously, most people failed to develop beyond the stage of preoperational thinking. They could learn language and social norms but their ability to reason was hindered by cognitive egocentrism, anthropomorphism, finalism, and animism.

Yeah, this previously-linked-to study is a goldmine, the bibliography looks like something I could spend a month on.

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