Do you like when I talk about the “desert cutthroats”? Oooh someone’s talking about something real for a change.

I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you in the process of that. It’s a matter of not believing their lies anymore, and that can be painful. It will be better for everyone without them in place.

They try to teach people to be something they’re not because they want to convince themselves they’re something they’re not. This causes society-destroying disorder.

While I know there’s a stigma attached to the idea, everyone would actually be happier if they accepted their place in life.

Do you want someone who got their job through affirmative action to be performing open-heart surgery on a close family member of yours? That’s how it is on most levels of society because of them. People who are not supposed to be where they are. It’s known as unnatural promotion. I for one do not respect their “reshuffling of rangordnung” one iota.

I don’t care if I alienate every last woman from me, I’m going to keep noting that they do not deserve the power they have in today’s world. It’s like letting a 12 year old drive a car- there’s a reason we wait until they’re 16. And women tend to mature after menopause. The irony is that if they acknowledged their place in the natural order we’d probably let them drive early at 15. Instead they want to be 12 year olds who act like they don’t need guidance from adults. Okay, you’re going to crash, you’re going to endanger other drivers on the road though, have fun I guess.

And then there’s another level to this where Euro women evolved WITH us, and so even they often possess more of a soul/creativity/what have you than the various jungle races whether men or women. So, on one hand we let these 12 years old drive, and on the other, we let 9 year olds drive too, and these are the browns. And it might be more apt to look at Jews as a sort of Alzheimer’s race that we should revoke the license from. In all these cases they shouldn’t be recognized as having autonomy or “”equality”” whatever you want to call it, because they make life worse for everyone when they don’t acknowledge their real place in life. Confident retards, that’s what we see everywhere. It’s all because they have this unnatural idea planted in their minds that that’s how they should act. No, someone who is naturally immoral should not think so highly of themselves, that’s the recipe for evil. Your best self can only emerge when you fall in line in the natural order. If you do that I’ll happily toss you the keys even if you’re 15. I “believe in you” in that way at least. And that’s the only realistic way TO believe in you, the rest is a bunch of lies that only cause decline in society. “What do you mean, I don’t see that.” Yeah if you have an under-developed sense of time-management, then it’s impossible for you to grasp these concepts. Or in the case of the kike, if you simply hate non-jews with every fiber of your being, then you will pretend you don’t see the downward fall in society. I say we do something like the Byzantines and make all cars lock when they sense a Jew’s hand is reaching toward the door. Keep them out of any kind of equal recognition, because they hate you, and they will use it to do you wrong, as they have in countless other countries. Better to just gather all armed citizens together, and round them up, shoot them all, and leave them to rot in piles in the wilderness for the animals to use as a smorgasbord.

Again, I’m sorry if it has hurt your feelings in the process of me criticizing these desert cutthroats. It only hurts because you were taught a sugary lie, the kind they taught themselves. You’d be better off if you just accepted it’s a bunch of nonsense created by people who hate the ones who created civilization. Go live in your desert, kike! What’s stopping you? You niggers could never sustain your own country and you think you can facilitate the flourishing of other people’s countries, what a joke you are! How about we cut their throats? Lots of people in the US own weapons… It’s all a matter of coordination.

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