I feel so plugged-in to different hidden facets of the euromind. What else is new here? I won’t even mention some of them at the moment, though maybe in the future. I feel like one of those old priests before prot-times that neech described as a “graveyard of secrets”. That’s what the confession booth was about in the old days. Your secret dies with me. If you say it out loud and weep then I probably will forgive you for it. If you let it build up inside yourself and never confess it then why should you be forgiven?

Just thinking of the ways I’m one with euros at a hidden level, the notion of helping the third world is actually important to me. My problem is that if euros aren’t helped they won’t be helped either. Most of my concerns gravitate toward whites, partly because I think they have a mission. If frosty cognition goes away then no one else in the world will ever be able to evolve. You’ve decided to let merchant cognition determine the fate of these third worlders. Maybe I’m half-pagan, I’m also half-Christian, and that doesn’t bode well for me. They’re universalizing the desert. All of Christianity is opposed to this ancient cutthroat way. Anyone disagrees? Nail them to a cross.

What would be the first thing you’d confess if you were in a booth where neither of us could see each other’s face? I’m not going to judge you, I’m only going to tell you my initial thought about it, and that is what I do here.

Here is one- You want both the third world and Europe to not know what frosty cognition is? You only do this because you are a fallen creature. It’s time to simply confess right in the open that you have a side that is depraved.

“Part of being fallen is never admitting that.”

Make sure the creators of civilization are hated, sounds like a good idea.

“We can do it too!” Show me evidence. You only make it worse. Sadly that’s all subhumans are capable of. That and also uniting into a majority against people who they confess to.

“The desert and jungle are good, that’s why we have to operate from white countries.” Why don’t you operate from your desert and jungle countries? Ah, because you’re niggers with no counter-argument. Try to confess sometime.

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