That one who wrote the paper on cold climate has other interesting ideas as well

genetic pacification due to the state monopoly on violence

I have a feeling that if we ever do redesign the human we will have to start from the ground up. The primitive governments that have gotten us to the current year are part of who we are. While I believe it’s possible to reprogram oneself manually without any invasive methods, that’s probably only available to a genetic minority. I don’t think you’re going to be pacifying me, I think I want to kill you. Just a desire of mine. I already killed you in myself actually. There’s only me in my head now.

This seems really crucial

I would have to say that the anthropologist I referenced initially would be one of the foundational social scientists. All the social sciences can do is aspire toward the Order of mathematics and physics, and this gentleman seems to be very close to that as far as recent anthropology goes.

Anthropologists in the 50s and 60s used to be front and center public intellectuals and they’ve fallen out of favor in recent times for reasons you can expect.

Did you know that many people base their whole career on hating me? Yeah, that’s a thing. And for reasons you can expect. Only a total loser would have to do that.

Philo-sophia, the love of wisdom. When that is synthesized with the internet that is a natural result.

I’ll never forget when I first started digging into Xenosystems. A primal fear washed over me. I believed all human souls were Equal until then. It took Land’s unique eloquence to push me over the edge. Do you have a similar kind of experience? For me at least it was a fear I had as my innocence was disappearing before my eyes. I felt like a murderer or something. That’s how radically new knowledge can be “felt”. It’s almost like you turn into an animal. The laws of society dissipate into the ether. While I’m not sure I’ll have an experience like that again since I’m already on the other side, I’ve had a more moderate, yet still profound, shift the last year or so learning about the Talmud and the history of its readers. Maybe you’re just so used to it by now that you forgot what it was like to be an innocent prog. Remember that group that called themselves Unconditional Accelerationists? They were mostly people of exceptional intelligence. If they couldn’t cross the line I don’t expect more casual dabblers in philosophy to be able to. Before Land I had a similar experience with Bataille, who was a sort of “evil” thinker, not to mention a quasi-fascist in certain respects, it’s like you turn into a werewolf when you’re first reading him. I feel like this 109 business is beyond all of that, and most people get to the ledge and step back rather than taking the leap. They say No I’m not going to do that, society is real, okay maybe it isn’t real, still! it’s real, I don’t care if it’s not real. You can’t be an “evil” person when society is real (even if it isn’t real). Or we might go back another generation and I’d be saying I thought you were PUNK, man! What happened, I thought you were punk. People just want to live a nice orderly quiet life.

Never did I expect a neo-soviet ruling-caste, and never did I expect their minions to hide them using black penises. It’s quite the interesting phenomenon. I’m an anthropologist of sorts myself, and it’s important to note that this is the method they use. When their forcefield’s mythological padlock is dynamited off that’s a certain kind of erotic distraction they use to keep people’s heads in the fog. As I’ve said many times now people tend to be damned in that they learn about non-prog ideas when they’re already decades into their life. So they have a career and/or family that’s at stake, and those are more than enough incentive for keeping their heads in the fog. People don’t like to admit their mistakes even if they didn’t really have much control. If they spent years representing the Decline in their work then they’re going to be hostile to accepting many of the ideas that are spoken of here. Evil doesn’t like to admit that it’s evil. Yes, if you lead to people being miserable in society I would characterize that as “evil”. And that’s many prog beliefs lead to. When savage values are enshrined as sacred you think people are going to be happy? The civilized ones taught to hate themselves? That leads to misery. The point of a woman’s life is to find love, and teaching them to be whores is going to prevent that from happening for them. That’s misery. If you cause misery you are an evil person. Especially if you can’t admit it.

I bet they often had a debatable definition of “wicked”

began to dissolve in the 11th century with a consensus by Church and State that the wicked should be punished so that the good may live in peace. Courts imposed the death penalty more and more often and, by the late Middle Ages, were condemning to death between 0.5 and 1.0% of all men of each generation

This is why almost everyone has no identity outside of what the state demands from them. They were weeded out of the population over centuries. And now, when the state is questionable, there’s no one to challenge it.

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