You think it’s possible for me to read this and not NEED to know more?

They had a tradition of arranging marriages between the smartest young rabbis and the daughters of the richest merchants – smart! That is only one of their “strategies”.

Here’s a clue from a 2009 article. Obviously it’s not from a 2019 article, if you catch my drift. (Their sensitivity about race increased drastically during the last decade or so.)

If you inherit the sickle cell gene from both parents you will have sickle cell disease, while if you only inherit it from one parent you will be immune to malaria. Similarly if two Jews are high in sphingolipids their child will have one of the above diseases. If only one of them is then they will be exceptionally smart. This is how the Sinonet is helping me understand it anyway. Sphingolipids promote the growth of nerve cell dendrites.

“Kill the goyim kill the goyim kill the goyim”

“Make the idea of their destruction seem appealing to them”

Are there many politically incorrect neuroscientists out there that could explain the finer details to us?

You can probably already guess what I’m thinking about right now

How sphingolipid synthesis is regulated to fulfill these physiological requirements is not known. To identify genes that positively regulate membrane sphingolipid levels, here we employed a genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 loss-of-function screen

The √úbermensch seems like it would have that axonal growth without the… jewiness.

The Chinese are crispring mice

Even they though, like the euro scientists, focus only on how to prevent those diseases rather than how to increase intelligence.


Sounds like something you’d hear on House

the IQ of patients with glucocerebrosidosis is higher than that of other Jews

Could it really be about the storage of fat in nerve cells? Is that what’s dooming civilization?

Should I even bother looking on google for what axons and dendrites are like for brown people?

Being a non-specialist I’m just trying to piece this all together

the way these diseases affect sphingolipid storage has the secondary effect of reducing inhibitions to neural growth of axons and dendrites

We could give bioleninists the gift of a soul with this possibly. “That’s RUDE!” Or is it ruder to not want to help them?


The old prog “fuddy-duddies” who hear the knock of the grim reaper aren’t interested in this general line of thought?

People are going to be using crispr on the fat storage in their thighs many years before they’ll be using it on fat storage in their brain.

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