Just because there’s so much “woo” that surrounds this stuff doesn’t mean it’s a pure fabrication

I’m not even going to bother downloading one of these books. I’ve experienced it myself many times so I know it’s real. I just hate when new-age people talk about it.

To me, it’s a natural thought-connection to jump from CRISPR to this kind of subject. The “Akashic field of information” or however you want to term it is a type of superintelligence that one can access. Some describe it as a record that’s been kept since the beginning of time. My suggestion is that even if we re-engineered the human, these new superpeople would still be limited in the face of the Akashic record. You could say “What if we continued re-engineering people for a thousand years?” and I’d respond that I don’t know how far advanced people could be at that point. It seems though that at least at the early stages of posthumanism looking at the Akashic record would be like looking up at a mountain. So this seems more or less equally important as genetics.

There’s a very simple way to access the Akashic field, and there’s a stigma that surrounds it so I won’t even say what it is directly. I’m going to skip those new-age books and look for one that presupposes this method I speak of, because I know for certain that it is reliable. Even better for an actual scientist to write such a book who presupposes the reliability of this method.

it grants entry to a miraculously complex hyperdimensional realm — hyperspace — lying orthogonal to ours and to an audience with the multitudinous alien intelligences that reside therein.

A neurobiologist says this

There was nothing within the pages of the modern neuroscience literature that could have prepared me

Ultimately, genetic alteration will be about “catching up” with the Akashic record.

A sentiment you don’t see everyday

Why do you think I constantly call people monkeys? I’m only a partial citizen of this dimension here. “Dual-citizenship”. No no no no no no no, none of this is real, this is a post of fiction.

For a few years now I’ve lived with the awareness that people would be happy if I died, preferably a brutal death. That’s what you get when you treat this dimension with levity. “It’s Everything to us!”

This is arguably the best-kept secret out there. And you know that someone like me doesn’t mean that lightly. They WANT you to see those new-age books and roll your eyes. This reality we’re in is nothing.

Why would a neurobiologist be talking about this?

some users can learn to direct their Journey towards specific areas of hyperspace and into meetings with certain types of intelligent entity.

Even if you’re CRISPR’d I doubt you’re going to be on some of their levels.

Only someone who has dual-citizenship would even be talking in this way. I just forget sometimes because it’s so normal. The humans hate me, that’s just how it is. Maybe if I posted pics of breasts in bikinis they’d relate to me more?

Real multiculturalism has never been tried

hyperspace is not a luminal realm populated entirely by beneficent gods of light, but an extremely complex, varied and vast hyperdimensional ecology populated by creatures that vary as much in their character and intent as their outward form.

If only I could bring one of these back to show you

presented with objects that defy the geometrical constraints of our Universe

I am attempting to do that now- ATTEMPTING.

Last I checked, this does seem to be in line with contemporary science, I’m just talking about it in a strange way

even the most conservative of physicists would struggle to rule out the possible existence of parallel worlds

It’s more or less an open secret that you can leave this dimension. The bonobos just want to chill and not think about how this one we’re in now is a lower reality, and so there’s a stigma around how easily these parallel worlds can be accessed.

If you went there you’d probably get the sense of deja vu that you’ve been there before. The beings celebrate that you have returned. It’s the real reality- you’re forgetting that when you’re in this one. They celebrate that you’re not stuck in the human realm.

This is another task that will be left to the Chinese

This neurobiologist suggests it is possible to permanently fuse with the hyperdimensional realm and stably establish oneself as a “citizen” there. I.e. that you will be the one celebrating when lesser beings finally make their way there.

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