Getting into marinading lately. It’s rewarding, you should look into it.

I think one of the best ways to describe most people is they’re living in a “rat race”. Any knowledge that doesn’t help them in that will not be seen as knowledge. Only what furthers their place in the rat race is real knowledge. Is there nothing else in life to you besides that? I already know the answer, you don’t have to say. I’m not doing it, I’m not playing that game. You’re imprisoned to the history of materialism when you do that. I very well might die under a bridge one day, and I don’t care, I’m not playing that game. I have consciousness that is able to separate from all that and look down upon it. And anyone can do this probably. They’d probably just burn my cabin down in the winter if I went out to be a hunter somewhere on the Canadian border. “You go right back to the Ice Age now.” What do you need to survive out there, a flint? Thinking about this takes me back to the beginning of civilization. A flint? You need a “new state” out there. Lots of people starting fires. They’d probably find a way to infiltrate that. I just want to decisively get away from their brainwash. The “rat race” is a delusion. Even billionaires have to pay strict lip service, what does that tell you? Even if you get to the top you’re still a servant. This is why I can see eye-to-eye with the left on their “eat the rich” policy, because any of these loaded ones could easily take the option where they risk suicide to start a new society somewhere. It wouldn’t be easy, that’s why they wouldn’t do it. Okay, pay lip service then. That’s beneath ME. What do people do it for? They want to be remembered as someone who submitted to the delusional rat race? I’d rather be the guy who froze to death after leaving society altogether. The next couple decades I really don’t know what’s going to happen, I’m sure I’m at the top of certain people’s lists. Change my name, get plastic surgery, return to the academy, try to take it easy and be moderate and sneaky, and they’ll find a way for you to be living under a bridge. I don’t care, I hate these people, there’s more dignity in challenging them than letting them get away with it without saying anything against them. That couldn’t be YOU! could it? Gettin my flint, gettin my raccoon hat. Do they have solar-powered clothing that heats you? It’s probably easier to live far away from them than it was before. Then they’d probably do something sinister like crop-dust my farm with a drone with gene-edits so that the consumption of my vegetables accentuates the feeling of loneliness. Real sick, I’d bet they’d do that kind of thing, looking at their contemporary tactics. Why do you think no one talks to me? It’s not because I’m a toxic person they don’t relate to, it’s because they know there is a totalitarian order that will do this to them also. Challenge the real ruling-caste in 2021 and see what happens. Might as well be 1021. You are gradually adopting the culture of a people from 60,000 years ago now so it’s easier to control you, and most in the rat race are perfectly fine with that, because accepting their miserable lot is part of being placed high in the rat race. No thanks, I’ll take the Greeks and Germans who might as well have been living in the year 3021. People just really don’t care about anything. Maybe you’re like me and you’re stubborn and want to continue living in a country you believe in. I don’t know about that anymore, the China-Iran alliance is probably something to get involved with instead of returning to Ice Age conditions. You don’t want to be one of these “grifters” in the “rat race”. They allow their soul to be fused with the decline. It isn’t necessary, there are other options. Imagine giving up all hope only to find an expat like you overseas, your true other half. It can happen. That sounds like a paradise instead of accepting this process and being part of it. What do grifters actually get out of their life? I’d say nothing. Just emptiness in a culture that is inexorably charted toward doom. All we need is one anon in Syria and one in Iran, who create a path for other expats. Because from what I can tell it isn’t easy to get over there and use your intelligence to its maximum capabilities. Both sides would find an advantage I believe.

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