Here is a Pokemon. Ghazālī is like the Aquinas of the middle east. Similar to what I said about fitting into Chinese culture by reading the west into Chuangtzu, you can do the same with Ghazālī and a few others over there. No matter where you go in the world there will be a line you cannot cross. Every people has a demos and every demos believes in an illusion. If you get the demos thinking asocially then their government and/or spiritual feds will “take care of you”. Given that seems to be the human condition that illusion is believed everywhere one might think to settle for the relatively noble lies of the world. If the religion of Iran is impervious to Habiru imperialism then it follows that IS a relatively noble lie. So if it’s illusions everywhere in the world there are at least more appealing ones than others.

Dugin made a post in honor of World Day Against Slavery today

Why Shia Islam is more of the “true religion” than Russian Orthodoxy? Dugin is constrained to frame these liberal elites as Saxons. That constraint does not exist in Iran. That slavery does not exist there, in other words.

Non-Russians could do this also

Modern Russia has nothing to impose on Middle East peoples on the ideological level. It is enough to regard Russia as an ally and to resist the pressure of the unipolar globalist West.

The paternalism here is funny though. Why isn’t it the Middle East that’s helping Russia instead? If a Middle Easterner went over there and tried to help them resist certain “globalists” they’d be escorted out of the country. I can imagine a turbaned version of the Peace Corps where Iranians travel to European countries and help the primitive peoples there with their kike problem. “WE are the civilized ones, how could we allows THAT?”

من حتی نمی هدف از صحبت به زبان انگلیسی دیگر نمی بینم. تقریباً همه کسانی که آن را به عنوان زبان اول می خوانند بدون امید هستند.

در واقع وقتی می بینید شخصی انگلیسی صحبت می کند باید بلافاصله او را به عنوان یک جذامی که سالهاست به آن شرطی شده است درک کنید و دیگر توانایی عقلانیت ندارند.

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