Let’s go back to the origins of “Oriental Despotism” in Mesopotamia – this seems like a sound speculation

I linked to Sand in my previous post, this is from the latest book of his. He’s a controversial historian in Israel who is sometimes shipped with Shamir. There are about five yids I know of who defied our oriental despotism and Sand is one of them.

He refers to it as the “oriental hydraulic brain”. This old political system developed in India and China besides Mesopotamia. Is it now in the US too? That’s obviously the question here.

This is what he says writing was invented for

Information on the regulation of waters and the number of slaves needed in each region

You might remember here how Zeus is often described as being the god of thunder and lightning and dwelling in the clouds

The Mediterranean periphery – from Canaan to Asia Minor, Crete and Greece, round to Sicily, southern Italy, Spain and North Africa – has a different climate from that of the hydraulic societies. The amount of rainfall is moderate and confined to a single season, but it made possible the development of an agriculture based chiefly on soil formation.

The Yellow River is known as the cradle of Chinese civilization. The Egyptian Nile is well-known. The Tigris and Euphrates. In ancient times the word “India” referred to the regions along the Indus river. How do rivers relate to despotic governments? That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

Let’s be mature now and not wince too much when we look at this

In the early Med there were a few basic castes- masters, slaves, and free peasants. The orientals only had masters and slaves. Mesopotamia for one though had agriculture over a thousand years before Greece, so the more primitive political order is expected. I’d like to be a free peasant, thank you very much!

In the 1200s at the time of the Crusades, Europeans found Levantines still using plows without wheels. And when Napoleon arrived in Egypt 600 years later he found similar backwardness still ongoing. Something about that Ice Age cold, something about the patterns of rain that followed- it was weather that created white people before they further evolved using culture.

This seems crucial

The hydraulic societies, like those of the Mediterranean, were based on specific conditions of agricultural production, which experienced prosperity and increase up to a certain level of complexity that they were unable to surpass… The agricultural civilization of northern Europe, on the other hand, which got under way more belatedly, would be the first and only one in which the means of labour continued to be perfected until they brought about a type of society marked by a division of labour and a ramification of specializations that overflowed the limits of agricultural production and its characteristic mode of life.

You might think here of how the Ostjuden never even allowed most people in their tribe to learn the language of their host population. They neurotically preserved the old ways, and they still do in certain ways as secularists, even imposing them on people who left behind the ancient times many centuries ago.

You can tell that it pains this Sand to write about all this. Most Jews seem to juggle an inferiority-complex with their “chosenness” narcissism. So which is it, Finkelstein? “It can be both!!” Whatever you want to tell yourself. I certainly don’t want someone with that kind of cognitive dissonance as the unequivocal “master” of those who created modern civilization. What are you, tongue-tied when that idea is presented to you?

This (ironically named) Sand is giving me the impression I haven’t been wrong to emphasize the desert when denigrating these people.

Is THIS why we evolved to be more of a freedom-loving people than you despots?

the agricultural take-off in the heart of green Europe

We’re just talking about farming. What possible political implications could it have? There’s nothing racist and dehumanizing to derive from this, is there? Of course not, dune coon. Hey, at least you’re not a forager people, most of them seem to have a consciousness from even earlier times than “ancient”. Such an illusion of peacefulness we have- at the height of society we have the vengeful whims of desert cutthroats who lied and slashed their way to the top. Feels so ~peaceful~ though when you despots systematically cut the throat of anyone who so much as posts a surface-meme about any of this.

So the Ice Age and “green Europe” eventually led to this

Here is Sand’s book if you’re interested in learning more.

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