Alright I have to dig up some earlier takes on this now

Herod, who ruled in manner despotical

I learn from Sand that Montesquieu and Weber wrote about oriental despotism. He draws from a 1957 book building off Weber, by someone named Wittfogel who seems to have been involved with the Frankfurt School before opposing communism after WW2.

So Wittfogel believed the recent regimes were worse than the ones from old times

Never let yourself be numb to the fact that the Nazis are the evil ones of the 20th century and these two despots aren’t part of our cultural imagination at all.

What does it tell you that Iran’s oriental despotism seems appealing to me? I don’t see it as ideal, I see it as a preferable oriental despotism between the two. Truly so much to look forward to here at the end of history.

“You give me the feeling sometimes you want to cut OUR throats.” No shit, that’s the reality. If that’s how you operate what do you expect as a response?

I’m the only who understands this, I swear. And so many people have tried to get me to shut up. Are you confused? Do you like to exist at the whim of despots? I think you’re confused.

I’m surprised I’ve never seen anyone in the reactosphere talk about this. If you remember Franzos, only a few miles east of Germany it was already “Half-Asian”.

Contemplating the civilizations of the Near East, India, and China, they found significant in all of them a combination of institutional features which existed neither in classical antiquity nor in medieval and modern Europe. The classical economists eventually conceptualized this discovery by speaking of a specific “Oriental” or “Asiatic” society.

Jews were in the general Babylon region for over 1600 years. And there’s evidence of “Habirus” slinking along in those deserts over a thousand years before they arrived in Babylon. So as far written records alone go, as a distinct people they spent approximately 3/4 of their history in the Near East. And then after that, the rest of the 1/4 they spent in Europe was mostly in Eastern Europe, “Half-Asia”. So I think it’s wise to learn about the nature of Oriental Despotism, because we’re living in it.

Their rule is so absolute that they don’t even have to do most of the work, because the spiritual feds they programmed since a young age do it for them.

Wittfogel seeks to dispense with the term “Oriental”, thinking it’s more appropriate to call them “hydraulic” societies, which he juxtaposes with feudal and industrial ones. He says this term draws attention to the “agromanagerial and agrobureaucratic” character of these eastern societies.

If we go with the Hebrew calendar itself, they’ve only spent about 1/6th of their history in “Europe”.

Never heard of Wittfogel? Probably many such cases for writers who wrote about communism in the 1950s. His writings provoked hostility from the Soviets, and they ceased to print his material on the “hydraulic” character of their government. He says these governments are hydraulic without the need for hydraulics anymore. He refers to it as an agromanagerial bureaucracy as the ruling class over a population of slaves. You don’t need to manage rivers anymore, there are modern “rivers” to manage.

That Sand is an exceptionally brave one, I’m not surprised I learned of someone like Wittfogel through him. Oriental Despotism doesn’t sit right with him either, and that’s what he sees in modern-day Israel. At least those Israelis were built for that! It’s not the same for US whites.

Wittfogel was able to write something like this, which would seem “racist” today, because in the 50s the US was not yet absolutely “agromanaged”.

Counter-intuitive, you get that with the German Marx

Nowhere, it seems, did hydraulic society, without outside aid, make a similar advance. It was for this reason that Marx called Asiatic society stationary and expected British rule in India to accomplish “the only social revolution ever heard of in Asia”

It’s dizzying to think that I’m smack dab in the center of one of these stationary asiatic societies. I unfortunately have gotten the message loud and clear that that’s where people want to be. It’s because these “agromanagers” have absolute control over anyone who professes morality or any non-relativist standard of culture. They want to keep it that way, they like to live without guilt and responsibility. They like to live as lazy animals who never have to hear anyone tell them that’s what they are. In Israel the despotism is different because the ruling-caste actually cares about its coethnics. Here, it’s optimistic to say they simply want control for its own sake- they want sadistic control over their ethnic enemies. Whites aren’t built to be eastern slaves, and they want to make us that way so it’s closer to the old times they spent thousands of years in.

See, you always think the mystery is solved and then you discover another subtlety to it. It isn’t just about adjusting to cold conditions, it isn’t just about the agriculture after it warmed, it’s the two types of agriculture that developed, and their corresponding systems of government and class-specialization.

Imagine greenhouses on the moon. The way things are looking even those will be administered over by these Babylonian agromanagers who never evolved beyond despotism.

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