The question is what to do once you have no hope in humanity anymore. If you’re the sort that lies all day, whether directly or through omission, your opinion doesn’t count here. Actually it never counts, anywhere. Just a realistic perspective. What do you do when you don’t have hope in them? Moving to Iran or China seems so desperate. That itself is a soul-deadening option. “I have hope, I have hope!” Hahahahaha… Sure you do. Anons who know how to lay low, they might have hope. For, I estimate, the 99+% others, I highly doubt it. Was there a moment of decision that you can remember? Where you told yourself “I need to compromise” on your knees on a mountain with the lightning striking. Does anyone actually care that much? Maybe someone like that would have “hope”. I’m not the kind of person who is going to feign optimism for the “cause” or whatever, I’m just telling you my experience of the world. I wonder what to do once you realize that most people don’t have any hope at all. I was talking yesterday about how I have an instinct to go live somewhere simply. Just being a farmer or something, writing my thoughts down in my freetime, maybe a novel or something, and trying to sneak it onto google eventually. Honestly I just think there’s no real love to find out there. Pretty much buy a hooker after her 100th body, and keep paying her indirectly for perhaps many decades in a row, meanwhile you keep your mouth shut about politics or she’ll go find a new client. I don’t really know how the grifters find meaning in life, I wish they’d clue me in. I’d rather just live on a farm away from society than be a grifter. It all seems false. I don’t even know who I’m talking to now. Someone who gives me hope? I doubt it. “Angels” don’t actually exist in life. It’s pretty much a conspiracy of people who hate you for revealing that the realistic perspective is that there’s no hope when looking at them. I truly couldn’t have it any other way though, that’s my problem. It’s either I get angelic people around me or no one, and that’s just how the chips fall in this time and place. You just can’t face it that you’re one with the sickening rabble. A society of people like that can only cause a sane person despair. Probably not coincidentally, most people seem to me as trustworthy as a Jew. Yeah an occasional surface manifestation of virtue that hides the innate propensity toward machination. At least all you lowly ones can find hope in each other, because I see no hope in you.

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