If you see yourself as on the same continuum as a sassy fat black woman that’s a “you” problem. It’s a distinction between difference in degree and difference in kind. I see myself as different in kind. If you see yourself as only a few degrees removed from a sassy fat black woman then you might as well have terminal cancer.

You know how they’re divided in India?

If you see yourself as on the same continuum as a sassy fat black woman then you’re a backward class. Let’s just call you what you are. Can you just accept that’s what you are?

I don’t know if I would want to be around someone like that, personally. Anyone who can relate to a sassy fat black woman is bound to have really, really poor taste, and bad instincts in general. Your perception of the world simply cannot be trusted. It might as well be like being around a mental patient. You want 100% of people to be like that? Do me a favor and start wearing a sign around your neck with “NIGGER” written on it to identify yourself so people can keep away from you.

And why are these rancid stains of humankind “tolerated”? Let’s go back to the beginning

Usually if one of these trashcans with legs started flapping its lids you’d just spit on them, literally. That’s a reasonable response to them. Even better, push them over and roll them down a hill. I think we should go back to that type of realism of making it politically correct to see them as a backward class. I’m done seeing others live in this illusion that these are “real people”. They are not. Many them are like 1/3 people. All they can do is speak in delusions because delusions are all they can perceive in the world. They have a walnut for a brain and they were designed by nature to work in a field or factory with their head down where no one would ever hear their distorted perceptions. Speaking only when spoken to, now that would be appropriate, that would be justice. Having to pass an IQ test to be able to write on the internet- implementing that would be another mark of progress in society. If all you are is a stain that stains others with your distorted perception then you should be kept out of public. You should be on your hands and knees in the dirt somewhere. A few degrees of separation you perceive between yourself and a sassy fat black woman, and a few degrees of separation there are between one of those and the very dirt you’re up to your elbows in, far away from people in society who your presence sickens. Ahhh how much better life would be if they were all herded away to the countryside.

So why are these unsightly circus freaks put in a spotlight and portrayed as real human beings?

there was an almost hundred-fold increase in America’s Jewish population from some 3,000 in 1820 to as many as 300,000 in 1880. Between 1881 and 1924, the migration shifted from Central Europe eastward, with over two-and- one-half million East European Jews

Let’s just state directly why you, me, and children are taught to see these things as perfect the way they are

These are the model citizens everyone should aspire to as Ideals. And why is that? Could it be that fleeing Jews perceive themselves as on the same continuum as a sassy fat black woman???? I think that might be so.

And how few people are left who don’t deserve to wear a sign with “NIGGER” written on it around their neck. How few. If we were being strict. And this is the way that empires fall. This is how I describe an empire that’s already fallen. You’re already a nigger in the dirt. Smile for the camera, I want to take your picture.

This is called cultural degeneration. Smog in the atmosphere? No, there’s smog in your body, known as your soul. A green, foul stench that emanates as words.

And where is this from, huh? You want to say what the source is? Do ya?

Now everyone is accepted! Isn’t that a dose of sunshine? Even the most VILE are accepted! The clouds have cleared, it’s so sunny now, the animals are dancing arm and arm, everyone is happy.

This is clear when you read books they don’t want you to read.

It all starts to make sense when you read the designated “enemies” of the US in particular

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