I don’t know much about this time, do you want to go on an adventure with me?

Symptoms symptoms symptoms

Weimar Germany (1919–33) was an era of equal rights for women and minorities

Prostitution was also legalized.

Babylon Berlin is actually a television series. The most expensive German one in history. How accurate do you think it is, any guesses? HAHA!

If you want to know about this time, that Aschheim study was something of a revelation to me. Similar to the Medieval German jews though there’s scant material I can find that treats the matter “directly”.


people had to shop with backpacks and wheelbarrows to be able to carry their money

See, this is typical – what is the truth?

Many of these Germans blamed their plight on Jews who they mistakenly believed controlled the German economy

Was there a “hydraulic” economy?

Always weird to find a pdf like this

The Germans are wheeling wallpaper money to the bread market while these international bankers probably needed cargo vessels to transfer their spoils of gold from one country to another. I wonder why no one wants to fight a dragon???? What’s a more fitting image, an old shark or an old dragon?

“You just envy us, it’s not because we’re always up to no good!”

If you’re an American you’re living in their current main target. They’ve been doing this for thousands of years and lucky you, you’re living in their pillage-country of this century. Feeling pillaged?

“Pillaging only happened in Medieval times!” No…

Why do I never see Marxists talking about this? Are you dragonphobic or something?

a decision was taken by the powers that be to abolish the teaching of economic history in the commerce faculties and business schools of most of the universities around the world.

Good luck finding a pdf of this

The lesser yids who follow the protocols of the kagal whose stomachs grumble for a slice of the pie are some of the worst people on the planet. They’re just as bad as these noxious hypercapitalists. Release Weinstein from prison, #FreeHarvey, these shiksas are such whores they probably dropped their panties with glee- “I’m gonna be a STAR 🤩”

Anyway, continuing to look for the perfect book on Weimar noises. I wonder if this medium is as disgusting as the paintings

Hmm, maybe there’s good and bad

You think it could ever get this chaotic here?

Germany’s 400 political murders, mostly unpunished, many unsolved, between 1919 and 1923

The US is already seized

This is interesting

The Farsinet for some reason has mostly English results. That would be a way to further control the internet, and I wouldn’t put it past them.

Look, I’m interested in the study of Evil. If we think of the most evil thing possible today of having had years leading up to it, I want to know about them. Anyone should want to know. And where is the perfect book?

Is this you?

The US seems pretty stabbed in the back to me so I question whether this is a myth

You think you can just cross the sea and all of a sudden thousands of years of genetics just goes away? And that there won’t be a “recurring pattern” detectable in an imported ruling-caste?

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