I ask the Russkies about Weimar now, since that’s what I have to do! I initially click what turns out to be a critical review of a recent English book

Here is the third sentence of said book – think I should trust it based on this?

The year 2016 certainly shook some of this optimism.

~Detached, objective scholars woooooo~

So who is this Rathenau? Ah one of the hundreds that was murdered.

I would actually like an objective book about this

Parrot-beaks from the desert just keep on getting blamed for things everywhere, it must be a coincidence.

So my first thought here is, did they con people into a war in a similar way that they conned us into the war in the middle east? “We cause murders and get away with it, haha”.

the poet Ernst Lissauer is mentioned, the author of perhaps the most famous and certainly one of the most violent hymns of the war era – “Anthem of Hatred for England” (according to Korney Chukovsky, “such inspiration of malice has not yet been in world literature“).

-me standing by a freeway exit begging for pennies with a tin cup- Buy me a Steel Reserve tallboy you fucking dragonphobes!

Anyway, while I’m here, this seems true, and that Aschheim study will teach you about it

the complex attitude of German Jews towards Eastern European Jews had some kind of prehistory. Meanwhile, this prehistory is quite rich, and without it it is difficult to understand the nuances related to the First World War, and everything that happened next.

I remind you that Marx himself called his coethnics of the east the German equivalent of “niggers”, and that’s the majority of jewry, most of whom are in the US now. I call Marx himself that, so maybe he could be wrong about them.

Sometimes I do imagine another planet out there where the dinosaurs evolved to be intelligent and there’s dino-jews and a dino like me talking about them. That’s how I find “solidarity” in my life.

Remember, they’re busy people. This time in question when they were causing problems in Germany, they were in the early years of their revolution in Russia. And you saw from my previous post that they were already well-nested across the sea at this time too. The yids reading this don’t care if they caused good or bad in these places, they’re just proud of their power. That’s all it is to them. That’s what their pseudo-religion is, money and power are their “God”. Let me know if I’m wrong, that sounds like the definition of a tyrant.

Ahh for those who like literature, it looks like the author of All Quiet on the Western Front has a novel about Weimar. The Nazis burned the first mentioned book so it might be questionable. Just trying to gather all sources possible.

The Germans of Germany

Poverty borders on hunger, while the souls of its citizens are more and more seized by various vices

The Jews of Germany

the backbone of the business elite of the Weimar Republic, which existed from 1919 to 1933… the rich managed to escape, they had money for tickets.

Their grandchildren are here with their heads full of tales of oppression and the evil white man. I love living in a political order based in lies! Especially when they’re directly detrimental to me. It’s the peak of justice in our time to make these facts known. “No, I think we need to distract from those!” Yeah I know how you operate.

Pretend you’re a normie who doesn’t know anything about this

According to the Fuhrer, the Western democracies and the Weimar Republic fell victim to the “pernicious” Jewish influence, and Soviet Russia is the first state completely captured by Jews

And some 80 years later I now seemingly speak to spiritual Jews about these matters. Think they really care? Your personality, your first instincts, are captured. You’ve probably internalized the Talmud imperative to hate the goyim even if you are goyim yourself. You understand nothing about the state of the west if you cannot acknowledge all of this.

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