That old chair in art history at the University of Vienna, Sedlmayr, specialized in architecture

For the first time, people will see the splendour of the palace and the hut treated on the same level

They say he’s in the lineage of Spengler and Jünger, so it’s strange I only learned of him very recently. I have to tell you, it’s so refreshing to read a reactionary aesthetician after having to resort to so many French theorists over the years. He traces it all back to their revolution too.

Besides attacking the genius arteest Saint Picasso he goes after others known as the best in the business, saying their paintings are reflections of the general spiritual state of Europe

Goya, who reduces man to the state of a monster… Seurat, who renders man an automaton… the cubists, an engineering model.

I’m hoping I don’t see him say anything against Monet, I’m really fond of Monet.

Sadly, without even mentioning Monet directly, I’m already seeing his paintings differently thanks to Sedlmayr, differently not in a good way. Was all of modern art a mistake?

Does this not look like someone vomited upon a canvas?

$70,000,000 at auction.

Nooo all my heroes are dying.

If Moldbug isn’t dead after reading me you’re so lost. Voodoo mind-tricks. They probably birth mischlings on purpose solely so they write the way he does.

Nah, he still has some good stuff, like Monet

I used to contemplate hanging a Monet on my wall, and I’m not so sure about that anymore.

All the world’s problems could be solved if people could just face this

the narcissistic consistency with which they manage to keep away from their ego anything that would diminish it

“So what, I DO represent the Decline, and what about it?” You’re the perfect opposite of what a human being should be, so congratulations to you. Why are people themselves canvases that were vomited upon? Why does it have to be that way?

Ah so it isn’t just Sedlmayr, it’s a School

Their teacher talks about Dutch paintings- sounds like a perfect mix. This school sought to make art history into a science [wissenschaft].

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