Way too many times I’ve seen this theme

Schapiro, a notorious Westjuden name – perhaps they are of the Ost after all?

This school was not warmly received after the, you know. Sedlmayr claims Spengler drew many of his ideas from the one he took inspiration from, Riegl, who wasn’t translated until the 80s. Riegl is a theorist who detected the beginnings of egalitarianism in paintings, so go figure. Does that concept surprise you? I’m always taken aback when I’m shown something like that is possible to see in paintings. Remember the other day when I quoted Badiou talking about the death of fine art in the early 20th century? I doubt someone with leftist leanings like him would even be able to know what that’s about. If you want to know the real meaning of fine art you probably have to study old reactionaries. People who are born within a system of ongoing democratization who are proud of it and engage in that democratization themselves cannot be trusted. I wouldn’t trust them with art history and, like my grandpa used to say, I wouldn’t trust them with a dog’s supper either.

Good to know

Another of his disciples besides Sedlmayr is Kaschnitz von Weinberg. Sedlmayr from what I can determine seems like the “main dude” though. Trying to reverse the effects of democratization (rabblization) on a personal level, that’s how I like to spend my time. Read Sedlmayr and you’ll never look at Picasso the same way again. Paintings are figurative to me in the sense that I use them to understand other forms of art. Sometimes you need that pictorial version to get a real sense of the meaning that can be found in non-pictorial forms. The decadence of Picasso is truly everywhere. Everything is inundated with multiculturalism, their faces are swirling around with it. The irrationality of woman and the dirtbrain of the turd world are all gradually being stirred together in people’s psyches. And the jew side of their psyche sees this process and blinks. People are turning into objects, that’s the practical effect of “multiculturalism, diversity”. If you synthesize with subhuman culture what do you expect? The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, that’s all you can expect, right? Love to watch people turn to stone right before my eyes. You have left being human, farewell.

I’m constantly wowed by aestheticians, especially these reactionary ones. This is the kind of thing Riegl determines from studying gold cups

Nothing rayciss can be determined there huh? They must not have liked how these people thought, 20% of Vienna was bombed to rubble. “You dare question the process of rabblization?”

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