Ahh this is such a problem to tackle

revelation imparts, or it necessarily involves, a doctrine which advocates obedience

I’m a millennial version of a priest, and I’m not a swindler. The problem is that many people would be better off obeying, and that would entail living a lie in a sense.

If they would be better off then is it really a lie? If they’re not better off then it seems to follow that the belief they have now, when they’re not obeying, is the real lie.

I see everything through a Realpolitik frame. If citizens are worse than those of China then you must be doing something wrong. It doesn’t matter what year it is, we’re still tribes fighting in the wilderness. The way things are going, China is going to be killing you.

Know what that means? They’re going to be making you obey THEIR ways. You’re going to obey in any case scenario. You have 1. the prog religion, 2. a western alternative to the prog religion, and 3. the china religion. With 1 you’re necessarily going to end up with 3.

2, I propose, is at least a possible option for preventing obeisance to 3. And 2 involves obedience. I’m not going to sweet-talk you about it. People are limited, they can’t Know Everything and act the right way all the time. They need to believe in something beyond themselves which brings their life Order.

I highly doubt we’ll be going back to the Bible, who knows though. Something like that is needed. Even if China were not in the picture and we were on this earth alone it would still be a disgrace the way the west is today. Putting China into the mix only accentuates how pressing it is that the west is so fallen and needs to recover. With or without the yellows, there is a problem.

Obedience to the Bible in these “globalized” times just doesn’t seem like a good idea. The hippie was arguably one of the most advanced types of Protestant sect. Once the mind expands globally that is how Christianity adjusts, it’s natural.

It’s these two Oriental Despots that you have to deal with and I say there’s another option. You don’t have to deal with either of these two hydraulic-civilization totalitarians, the Chinese or the Jews, there’s another way.

“No there isn’t, I’m their minion!” Uhhh sadly, that’s probably the truth.

I’m only saying that if you want to be realistic and think of it from a priest’s-eye-view, obedience and lies are necessary for the other option. People are not God. Priests are not God. At least priests care about trying to understand what God is. That’s what separates them from people. And this is what I’ve determined, that people would be better off without either of these two totalitarians while still retaining some semblance of obedience, i.e. piety.

You’re reverting thousands of years if you accept either of these Eastern slave-masters. The entire meaning of “Protestantism” is that everyone is their own priest. Whites have done that. It’s backfired because so many people only ended up being capable of being half-priests. When you’re in that state of vulnerability that’s when the despots will take over and manipulate you, and that’s what’s happening now. We tried an experiment where people didn’t need to be obedient and believe in lies anymore and it failed, and now oriental despots are making us obedient with even more pernicious lies. There’s another option, if you can face the facts of the human condition. We don’t need either of these backwards people telling us what to do, what we need is a more advanced protestantism, which incorporates what it left behind when it schismed from catholicism. I for one think we should also incorporate ideas from the post-christian enlightenment as well. This can happen if we try. It’s too bad most are content being a slave of an eastern tyrant to even bother to do so. And that’s the facts.

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