Might be starting a new chapter of my life pretty soon. There’s nothing for me here, nothing besides the end-in-itself of stirring up mischief, trying to instigate a coup, etc. You get my point. I need to care more about plastic world. There’s literally no personal advantage to me writing on here so much. Only disadvantages in fact.

People are born with a capacity to ascend these grades, and it’s futile to try to extend them beyond what their nature is capable of

If I met you as a theoricus, maybe you have managed to reach practicus since then. That could’ve been years ago. And it’s very possible you never have gotten beyond practicus. It’s also possible you’ve reverted to a neophyte or something even worse. That can happen when you meddle with the qliphoth around random people.

Anyway, without further ado, Locke seems to be one of the main ones who constitutes the foundational ideology of the host so I feel like focusing on him at the moment. I see a couple interesting studies via the Index and I decide to forego those because Heisman writes a considerable amount on Locke, and Heisman is leagues beyond most on the Index

Heisman doesn’t care about fitting into an egalitarian society, and the same can’t be said of the “elitists” on the Index. He really doesn’t care, he speaks directly from the lizard brain.

Let’s situate Locke. An English Saxon, born 1632, died 1704. King Charles executed in 1649. Locke is everywhere in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, though never named.

Heh, looking for an old post I see this one

That’s the truth, that’s what’s going to happen. They never learn and they never change, because they CAN’T. They’re subhuman objects who are already part-monkey. Shall I continue futilely talking to them for another year?

Anyway, when we speak of “Anglo-Jews” we can go right to the programming manuals, and Locke’s books and the Talmud are some of the most significant ones to explain our present order.

People don’t know about this secret history of “England” – this is from one of our Lockean founders (redundancy) Thomas Paine

In England, the person who exercises this prerogative [as king] is often a foreigner; always half a foreigner, and always married to a foreigner.

Heisman explains it thus

America, for Paine, was the place where foreigners were excluded from that high office. Democracy meant that “commoners” could finally be admitted.

The telos is that different shades of Saxon are discovered. The Jew is a shade of Saxon also. Women, browns, blacks, all different shades of Saxon. They should rule rather than “foreign aristocrats”. And this telos doesn’t necessarily have to be pushed that far. That seems to be the work of the Jew, pushing it to its ultimate conclusion. They fertilized the telos with Miracle-Gro so to speak and it has blossomed into “the commoner” being its own ethnicity in a sense. What I usually call the rabble. The Jew is half rabble half aristo, that’s what’s dangerous about this creature.

This really does explain most things about politics today

This is a truly fantastic contradiction: the South apparently fought a war in the name of the primacy of race, yet the distinctive racial identity of the South primary ruling race is apparently a matter of total indifference.

You can’t understand the JQ in the US unless you understand this. The do-rag whites are already a problem by themselves. The Jews simply give them a piggyback ride. Before the US was zogged beyond repair, the mob of rabble-whites had already shot to death the aristo-white minority. Both the Jew and the Saxon see themselves as on the same continuum with a sassy fat black woman. That wasn’t the case with the Normans. So even if the spiritual Saxons, the Puritans of today, are ruled by Jews, they still see more eye to eye with them than they do with white aristos. The Jews are doing exactly what the Puritans want, that’s why the more perceptive ones don’t care about the JQ- the “JA” to them is to run cover for them. That’s the facts, Jack. “Mainnngg I aint no sassy fat black beeyitch.” Yeah you is, yeah you is!

Is there a Chinese person reading this? I always wonder this sort of thing. They must think these white people are crazy. You want to understand the global hegemon? There ya go, you’re not going to read about this anywhere. The Jews and Puritans don’t want anyone to know the exact details. After all, why would they want it known that they personally relate to a sassy fat black woman? “No, you’re just MEAN, that’s what it’s about!” Okay, I concede there’s a certain strain of Puritan that is similar to a white aristo. They like to flatter themselves more often than not, so don’t get it twisted. Most of the Puritans truly do relate to the lowest of the low, the wretched of the earth. Take the Irish variety for instance- even if they are of exceptional intelligence themselves they think of their peasant family, and that drives them toward leftist politics. As for myself, I look at the backward places in Italy and conclude they need to be ruled by the best Italians, people who subscribe to Evola’s philosophies for instance. I don’t have a tear running down my cheek for them, I only think about how they could improve, and that isn’t through leftism. Badda boom badda bing, people should stop being such sorry niggers. Especially women, they’re so humiliatingly bitter about the fact they weren’t born men. Revenge against destiny is not going to help your lot in life. It’s time to mature, little lady. Go ahead and stomp around because I didn’t give you candy instead. I think what you need is a nice ‘pankin’, and what the Jew needs is a bullet in the head. What, it’s the truth. The Puritans need to put their kids through private schools, run by me, so they don’t turn out like THEM. That’s how we can have progress in society, all these things.

Man, after over 150 years it’s so ingrained there’s really not much we can do about it

In Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville observed that the North possessed “the qualities and defects that characterize the middle class”, while the South “has the tastes, prejudices, weaknesses, and greatness of all aristocracies”.

And again, the telos of these middle class ones is to descend lower and lower.

Now, the US is one plantation run by Babylonian agromanagers, with no sign of emancipation in sight. Real emancipation is developing oneself aristo-ward, and at least some of us can do that on an individual level as the world burns around us. Your future children, and especially grandchildren, I’m not so sure will have that option.

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