Remember when I advised you not to trust scholarship on neech’s concept of “the blond beast”? How’s about we go to one of the origins of that, the Ancien Régime apologist Boulainvilliers

Gobineau further develops this idea, that the French nobility was “German”. So you see, by the time of WW2 the English and French had a centuries’ old sour relation with the Teutons.

I’ve posted before about how Boulainvilliers believed that lower classes were in fact lower races. Charles Murray actually confirmed the truth of this empirically last year.

This idea of an “occupied government” is nothing new

Boulainvilliers (1658-1722), who divided the nation of France between two races, the aristocratic, “French” race, descendants of the Germanic Franks, and the Gallo-Roman, indigenous race

You know what this means…

He identified the English and French nobility as a single Germanic ethnic group, and apparently the “English” were fond of his writings. This same group ruled our very own United States until the 1860s. The “French” axed theirs in the 1790s, and we axed ours 70 years later. With them gone the plebs have been defenseless against the Jews. Hi! I’m trying to help you fools.

Remember, Boulainvilliers still hasn’t been translated into English after 300 years. Let’s just sweep all this under the rug, yeah?

Now this is funny to see

Yeah, much of their nobility was related to the ones of the west.

The plebs got conned by one nobility to kill the other nobility. They used the slogans of freedom and equality, and really they only took their place ruling over everyone. There’s no freedom and equality, just a new nobility, this one constituted by worshipers of Mammon.

Like I said yesterday, if you want to be a realistic person it’s a choice between two types of obedience. Western-style obedience or Eastern-style obedience. Ice Age people in a green Europe vs. Desert people who managed rivers.

This is true to this day

If you don’t cut the throats of the cutthroats then you evidently are not nobility.

Imagine you took one of those decapitated heads home in a basket with you, and it talks to you. There’s plenty of insta-translated material on Boulainvilliers on the Frenchnet.

This is a deadly truth to our current regime

virtue, quite simply, is more often to be found in noble races than in the ignoble

Multiculturalism is a vice-increase movement.

What every brown woman who outwardly hates white men really wants

their blood had never been tainted by any foreign admixture. All of them were of great, vast corpulence, with white flesh, straight hair that was blond or red, green twinkling eyes, a proud, terrifying expression, and a frightening voice

Nobility doesn’t exist, right? They certainly want to erase it further.

This is in the context of the fall of the Roman Empire by the way. Boulainvilliers claims they had a corrupt aristocracy with muddied blood and “the blond beast” easily took over. See, none of this will be in neech scholarship, which is 99% a farce in general.

Most people like this don’t exist anymore, they were absorbed into the Blob many years ago.

Ughhhh imagine what a female version of this old aristocracy was like… We only get nasty pleb wenches these days. Sick!

It’s kind of a guilty feeling reading Boulainvilliers. You’re not supposed to be that way, you’re supposed to be a lowly serf and proud of it these days. Whoa, those “revolutions” really did a lot of good, didn’t they?

The reason for the decline of the French aristocracy they don’t want you to know about

to preserve these social groups in positions of inferiority and superiority, one must forbid the mixing of blood between master and servant (372). This was, indeed, one of Boulainvilliers’s main laments for the contemporary French nobility – decadence and ambition had ‘diluted’ their noble blood

In one book he lists the main noble families of France. And how did he arrange them? By their quantity of German blood.

Our prog overlords know well what is said in the quote above. They know that’s the only way to achieve “equality”. What they try to hide is that it means for the master races that they will turn into half-servants. That’s how an aristocracy declines, and that’s how a PEOPLE declines too. Enjoy the decline, as they say.

You ever read something like this before?

the Stuarts were descended from the Norman

They ruled the UK until 1714. Not too many years later was the Civil War in the US. After the Stuarts was the House of Hanover, another family of German descent. I think you’re starting to get a better picture of the wars and revolutions we’re all supposed to have such a vague idea of.

This is from a friend of Boulainvilliers- you’re not going to get this with the Habirus

God has designated the few, he writes, “to instruct, to guide, and to preserve; … to be the tutors and the guardians of human kind”… “wild and uncivilised” peoples could not possibly be capable of governing, since their minds have been warped from a lifetime of base activity

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