Maybe the Russians can tell us something about the Ice Age thesis

the “chilled” ice age heads of ancient people were able to develop better… even today, the ability to dissipate the heat generated by the brain is very limited for residents of a number of tropical regions.

I muse upon this map again

Notice how there’s no ice around the East Asians. Evidence for humans there and in Europe dates to around 50,000 years ago. The Ice Age ended about 12,000 years ago. So we’re looking at about 40,000 years of Europeans being virtually the only humans who lived in the coldest temperatures. The Denisovans who lived in those cold Himalayas have died out. The Tibetans though have inherited their EPAS1 gene which allows them to breathe easier at those altitudes. “Tibetan-truthers” probably have their gears turning now. The Tibetans are the next “Denisovans” that the Han are wiping out. And of course we have the obvious parallel in the west. Something about people who lived in the cold that these oriental collectivists don’t seem to be too fond of! Is it because we look at you as a kind of bio-robot that isn’t capable of true freedom? Is that it?

Also, you know how Europeans and Asians are 1-2% Neanderthal?

What could this be about

They call it a “ghost species” that constitutes 1/5th of many Africans’ genetics. 1/5th monkey or what? “It’s not 1/5th, you’d need 20% for that, and it’s only 19%!”

Our Russian cousins tend to have a good sense of humor

(I really hope that the readers’ brains are cold enough not to see signs of any racism in all this)

“He’s talking about the Ice Age, it’s time to Shut It Down!”

What was life like for us? Why did we develop so differently from the East Asians? Why do they have to copy all of our technology?

How does the Ice Age relate to the Germanic nobility across Europe and in the US South?

An old article from the English internet

Names you probably never heard of

“I don’t care, stupidity is good anyway.”

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