Speaking of those Tibetans, that reminds me of that mystical dream I had a few months ago

This is one of few ways of contacting those intelligent entities, otherwise known as the Akashic record.

Unless you’ve had one of these ODD dreams recently, you probably won’t understand what is being said here

If you remember this post of mine, only about 1-2% of dreams are like this. There are methods though if you want to increase that percentage, hence my interest in the Tibetans. We know that there’s a gene that allows them to breathe easy in high altitudes – could there be a mystical version of one of those too?

Whoa, this is a good idea

the built-in LED light of the eye mask first waits for 4 to 5 hours, and waits for the user to fall asleep for a period of time and enters the rapid eye movement stage before being activated, so as to avoid disturbing the user. In their sleep, there will be a flashing red light in the user’s visual range, which can act as a reminder to remind them that they are already asleep.

I don’t know if the Tibetans know about this.

Only 55% of people experience a lucid dream in their lifetime. So I’m probably talking to people right now that don’t know what this is about at all. It’s not an exaggeration to say that sometimes paranormal phenomena can be perceived.

Inb4 you say “It’s just a dream!”

There are parallel worlds and you are able to access a higher one than this one.

It’s an alternate form of consciousness most people don’t think about

The west is still catching up to understanding this. They haven’t cared what those Tibetans have been doing in the cold for thousands of years.

Something weird- that parietal area of the brain up there, if a scientist were to disrupt it electrically or magnetically while you’re awake you could have an out-of-body experience.

Talking about this makes me nostalgic for when I was more focused on lucid dreaming earlier in my life, before I knew how evil the world could be. Talking off the reservation is sort of like lucid dreaming in our political order. The political order isn’t going to change, at least you can be awake while asleep though. Most people really seem to not want to be aware in this dream.

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