You’ve most likely deserved all the pain I ever caused you. A senator passing a bill? That’s not the only option available. Any third degree burns you have from me throwing you into a pit of hell is as good as a bill being passed, in my view. Levelers have no rights, I’d torture them in a chamber if I could.

The citizens are already intolerable as it is, and if you pay lip service to the policies in place you are objectively making even worse than they already are. A country of half-retards going into full-retard mode. Who wants to live in a place like that? Ask yourself that, because you probably lead the way to that if you’re like most people.

This was happening in the 1600s? There’s no chance in the world we’re getting out of this

The kings diminished the power of the French nobles still more by raising to the ranks of the nobility plebeians whom they entrusted with high offices to which they had no right.

We need a total purge of all the affirmative action cases. Each and every one of them too has one of those black eyes drawn on with a marker. There’s no blaming others, they were born handicapped. You want people like that front and center of society? If you define humanity by something that isn’t quite human then you’re going to change the definition of what humanity is, and you’re only diminishing it, the only thing worth anything in the universe you are diminishing. Whites beginning to act like they’re from the ghetto, that’s my “favorite” instantiation of this. That is the “new humanity”, being a post-slavery poor person to whom high culture is foreign. “High culture, what’s that?” You know it when you see it, and you know it when you see the opposite, that’s what it is.

This is an observable phenomenon on a mass level and it’s the direct opposite here. If you act like a negro I’m going to treat you like one. Why wouldn’t I? Why would I accept you for who you are? That’s a joke. When you ban a word, you ban a concept, and when you ban a concept you ban an experience. They must have just engineered people to be blind to it at this point. I can detect a ghetto-level of culture all too clearly. We used to laugh at these people, wiggers. You aren’t cool, you’re acting like a nigger.

This is a creepy one

It’s truly the opposite process that’s happening here, people behave the way the one on the left LOOKS. You are a disgusting thing, I don’t want to see you. The Chinese are right to want to look more western, less like peasants, however you want to look at it. This is the “great melting pot” and something like 40% of the US population is non-white, so this can be expected, they act more white and whites act more brown. I’m not going to do that. Why would I voluntarily be a wigger? We’re talking about close to half the population having no history to speak of whatsoever outside of hunting and foraging, that’s not a “culture” to indiscriminately synthesize with. Then, beyond hunting and foraging, in the case of the blacks, you also have “I was a slave, then I was poor, and didn’t even have my indigenous tradition.” You’re throwing your life away if you jump into the melting pot. To anyone who doesn’t do that you look like that gook up there on the left.

“I don’t know my farver.”

There’s certainly a reality seen in this caricature

“I’ll teach you to be like me, little white girl.”

When you’re a spiritual brown you’re easier to control too

We can expect only more and more of this in the future, with the wiggers applauding it

The more aristo puritans see it as a “cultural emergency”. They feel so sorry for them that in a panic they slap the red button, which ups the speed of the paint-stirrer

Have to hand it to whites, they’re very kind people, especially the women. Some would say too kind. Imagine you’re one of those ones that cries easily at the slightest thing and you noticed this here

When a prog sees this that only makes them want to turn the dial on the paint-stirrer to MAX.

Looking at crime statistics, no one can deny this is a real phenomenon

What do you do with these jungle creatures living in the middle of civilized cities?

This here would be ideal actually, and our policies don’t facilitate it

I can only hope that I’ve helped my “sista” readers be more like this. It’s best to get as much distance away from the ghetto as possible. A prog will never tell you that. They’re so overwhelmed with emotion they can’t see what’s right. I’ll tell you directly- being black is bad. If you make the effort you don’t have to act like them.

Why am I the only one who seems to understand this?

Whether you like me saying it or not, this is one of the methods they use to get whites to accept being wiggers. It’s a way to instill relativism.

They do this sort of thing with blacks

They use endless propaganda to keep people in a constant state of obedient relativism.

Will those goggles always hide this one on the left here? Has anyone looked into it, I bet it’s easily a trillion dollar industry behind “multiculturalism”.

All commercials are geared toward instilling this relativism. I don’t even have to watch one to know there hasn’t been something like this for decades on TV, even though it would probably be better for everyone

It’s truly the opposite! Ghetto “values” are consistently promoted instead, because anything else would be “condescending”. Whites, both men and women, acting more and more like coons, isn’t something I like to see, so I’m fine being one of the lone voices in the wilderness saying maybe you imbeciles should rethink things.

Yeah, I love to see this one on the left everywhere, with everyone pretending they’re the one on the right

Whites are turning into the one on the left, and it’s gross.

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