Is that not bizarre to you, that the same “family” that was killed off in our Civil War was killed off in the French Revolution? We’re supposed to think of them as English and French people, respectively. No, these were people who had migrated from some of the iciest places of Europe.


Just as a reminder, a Norman similar to Boulainvilliers is George Fitzhugh. You want to escape pleb consciousness or not? This is like the white people version of “Talmudists”. The old, erased ruling-caste.

Just as a thought-experiment, imagine if every last Jew had been killed. Do you think it would’ve been possible for German financiers to erase them from history altogether? I do.

Same thing happened with the Northerners

The Abbé de Trianon wanted to legitimize the claims of the bourgeois elite to social and political ascension, which consisted above all in the ennoblement that Boulainvilliers vilified

The middle-class turned into the new nobility of the US. Now the lowest classes are the newest nobility. Needless to say, none of them are noble people. The definition of “model citizen who should be listened to” continues to be distorted. All different groups of people who you couldn’t pay me a billion dollars to respect. And many accept much less of a bribe than that. Yeah I respect a prostitute, of course I do, I have so much respect for them. Who couldn’t respect a desert people that maintains a secretive totalitarianism? Who couldn’t respect a rapper that grabs his crotch and exclaims Muh dik!! These are all the lowest people in society, and no amount of propaganda is going to convince me they’re not. The only ones that are perhaps worse than all of them are our scholars. The ones who have the responsibility to be the brain of society, and who do nothing. It’s all a bunch of people I could set on fire and not feel any sadness about. Sorry if you find yourself on their “team”, because that really says a lot about who you are, nigger. Someone has to run a reality site around here, and since you’re not doing it I guess I will.

Anyway, the solution to our political problems, as it was many years ago formulated in the reactosphere, is to establish a new ruling-caste, and who better to learn from than this old one that the rabble wiped out?

It’s good to be like Boulainvilliers

The latter appeared to them as the survivor of an ancient world founded on prejudice.

I’ve seen a few times now people speak of him as the superlative

Marxism is such the peasants’ point-of-view. Is that not a form of “false consciousness”? I bet you never even heard of Boulainvilliers, Gobineau, or Fitzhugh. They seem to have a more realistic perception than most modern leftists.

You know what, screw you people, I’m just going to go somewhere the “Ancien Régime” has still survived somewhat

I’m kidding I’m kidding. Feminists are so hot after all, who wouldn’t be attracted to them? You’re just asking for despair with women who are jewed. That’s one of the secret meanings of the execution of Saddam actually, that Iraqi women are probably jewed more and more every day. What a curse. You’re a second-class citizen and the psychology of your women exists at the whim of eastern despots, how does that make you feel? What, nothing to say against that? You’re lost if that doesn’t make you contemplate violence. Your women are so ruined that even middle eastern ones now seem appealing, and that doesn’t make you feel angry at all? Wow, sounds like a ruling-caste that knows what it’s doing if these are the results. Totally decimated both the men and women they are responsible for. That’s “success” in the mind of the kike.

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