I wonder if there’s anything worth salvaging in these ones

People who knew how to keep their yaps shut. I’m sure you don’t know what that experience is like, being scared into silence by a mob.

Apparently there are still many who preserve the castles.

Over 200 years of secretly practicing eugenics, some of them?

And the very idea of ​​a caste of lords is an offense against the French culture of equality. As a result, aristocratic families had to learn discretion.

American women are truly disgusting slobs, can you blame my ears for perking up when I see an article like this?

What, you don’t want to add writers like this to the diversity curriculum?

Again, I bet you never heard of Boulainvilliers, Gobineau, or Fitzhugh. What other ones are there? The pleb perspective isn’t reality, with that you’re only choosing to absorb illusions. They want to keep everyone there not knowing what the perspective is like from Above. Only a few people like them survived into the 20th century, and Evola was one of them. There are plenty of great writers who were still plebs at the end of the day- this is how they trick you.

Look at this old pathos of distance

The Jews do something similar today. And I do my best to “encourage the spread of dangerous images”. This is what true non-democracy is about though- the people shouldn’t even know what’s going on with the nobility, they’re incapable of judging them. Do you like how I have this consciousness that I show you? Do you expect the Jews to do that? No, they want to be absolutely invisible. The more visible they are, the less control they have. This is different from the old days because we are OSTENSIBLY living in an equal, democratic society, whereas back then the nobility was formalized. Still, in the latter case it’s not like the people met with them and had lunch, their nature was similarly opaque as the Jews’ today.

So who are these writers? It’s not like they’re mandatory reading in high school, we know nothing about them

writing established new boundaries between some nobles and everyone else. Good writing separated humanity from beasts, nobles from peasants, courtiers from pedantic lawyers. Its practice could be ideologically comforting, suggesting that social differences ran so deep that they emerged even in this private activity.

It’s so easy to detect a ghetto white with a leveled spirit. It’s time to not speak anymore, it’s time to shut your mouth.

Lots of obscure names here if you want to read writings from before the rabble revolutions. HAHA! I like to pretend there are people out there who would relate to this interest.

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