So, when we talk about “Puritanism” a crucial name isn’t being mentioned. A piece of puzzle

How funny would it be to see a prog say they are a Talmudic-Calvinist in the same way an Iranian would identify themselves as a Shia Sufi? You allergic to admitting what you are or something? That’s weird.

At the moment I’m investigating the theological basis of the beliefs of Cromwell’s followers. What is it that makes this the perfect host country? There must be transcendental ideals involved. Pretending to look at it for the first time, Puritanism was a reaction against Catholicism, and that kind of says everything. It’s strange Americans seem to know more about Luther and his theses than they do “the religion guy” of their own country.

“If everything is so hopeless why even bother talking?” That’s a great question, why even bother? I don’t know. Total subhumans everywhere you look.

This scholar is asking the right questions though

Is it not possible that a certain understanding of reason and a certain interpretation of revelation jointly inspire a single project?

What kind of frankenstein creation is so easily manipulated and exploited, that’s the question. The ur-religion of the US must have a nature that can be isolated, must have a historically-situated set of axioms pertaining to divinity.

Would it just make it go away if they knew what they were? If they said out loud “I am a Calvinist Lockean”? Probably not, couldn’t hurt though.

We’re speaking here of an agreement between reason and revelation in the earliest days of America.

“Yeah, good for it, it led to the smoldering ruin we see today.” Thus it must not have been either true reason or true revelation. If your citizens act like a bunch of niggers then you lost the game of civilization. If you survived for 50,000 years in Europe and your experimental political unit across the ocean goes up in smoke after 200, it looks like George Washington must have had down syndrome if you ask me.

If you seriously attempt to fix the problems of the country you will end up being a scapegoat beyond your wildest dreams, count on it. All the trailer trash here love this retard country. All these abominations from the Pale who should been lined up and shot in the head many centuries ago love the way this country is. You can believe it. They love to be niggers who are recognized as human beings. AHAHAHAHAH! I’ll never give you that. I’d rather suffer and die than ever give you that. Why would a cheapen the term “human being” by giving someone who has no dignity at all that label?

I must have a different idea of reason and revelation than Locke, Calvin, and the Talmud. Who’s right?

Let’s see, you “impuritans”

God is elevated so far above human beings that the divine can serve no longer as a standard for ranking human concerns as higher or lower but only as a sanction for the manifest and universal interests of humanity.

Eh, getting out of here. You can read more about this here.

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