“They aren’t ALL niggers!”

Really? I’d have to be convinced.

I haven’t seen a sign of life for many years now. The symbolic gropings don’t count. And most aren’t even capable of groping, they’re simply niggers. They all want you to shut up so they can live without anyone questioning them. Haha it’s a nigger-grifter, that couldn’t be you could it? Why not just state what you are aloud?

There’s no saving you, you’re destined to reverse tens of thousands of years of cognitive evolution. That’s simply because you’re a white nigger. That kind mobbed the other kind of white centuries before we were born. Some still survive, often in a fragmentary way- do you ever feel like you have an alter-ego that is an aristocrat? Some of us think that way 95% of the day or more. Not many, they want all of us dead. There’s really no point in talking anymore, because I feel like I’m talking in a dark jungle and only niggers with spears surround me. It’s okay, your existence is a humiliation, I won’t judge you. What, you want to kill people who tell you that?

We’re all lucky to be alive at all. Are you the type of person that can explain the brain? There are different levels of being alive, and I posit that the “renaissance man” is the highest possible instantiation of “being alive”. This is someone who is well-versed in the arts and sciences. This is the kind of person who should be respected in society and be a political leader. Not someone who has to use affirmative action to be respected.

I detect my readers want affirmative action themselves. I’ll never respect you.

People are lucky to be alive if they’re “renaissance men”, that means they live at the peak of the universe. Unless it’s a social justice movement to forget about actual people like that? You get that with the left, of which I include women and Jews, besides the expected gradations of mud.

What’s the point of being alive? I’d argue it’s not caring about the totalitarian order you find yourself in and instead caring about art and science. You’re simply a fraud if you only bolster that totalitarian order. WHAT A NIGGER!

And that’s most people these days. There’s no point in talking to them.

“Tell me what a renaissance man is though.” You probably don’t even deserve to know. I’m not playing with you or something, you probably simply do not deserve to know because you are such a shameful person who can never learn from their mistakes.

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