It’s time to tell your friends, family, and employer why you like to visit this site, it’s time to tell them right to their face. How would you start that conversation? Any snob would like what I talk about here. It just so happens that “taste” in our time is directly related to how we perceive different groups, which is controversial for reasons I don’t understand. The simple formula is we did blank to blank therefore we have to think of blank as blank. If that seems logical to you then okay, it doesn’t seem that way to me. “We” killed “certain people” therefore we need to think of other certain people as good. If you want to make paying for an alleged war crime your whole life then okay, I’m not going to. Back to this snob idea though- usually if you hear someone talk and they seem like a low-class person the natural thought is God.. get away from me. That instinct is lost in our time. There aren’t really snobs anymore. And if there are they’re secretive. Sorry it’s so painful to admit that it’s certain distinct groups that shape our “standard aesthetics”. If you talk like you’re from the ghetto then I’m going to have the natural thought to tell you to shut your mouth, and if you are such a person you might pull a glock on me for saying that, thus I simply do not prefer to travel through a ghetto. If whites also start talking like that in suburbs then it’s a matter of taste to call them niggers. And you’ll get fired for that or exiled or something bad for that. Even though it’s true. Or if you’re a smarter white then you might act like a total Jew, in which case, same dynamic. Feel the pain if you need to- very distinct groups of people determine how we perceive people in general. It isn’t that “Standards of taste are the way they are because that’s just how it is”, no that’s such an easy way out of it. The question of taste is related at its very core to the last two major wars of the global superpower known as the United States. I’m not living in that reality, I don’t see why I need to. Jews seem like dirtbags to me. Blacks ALMOST seem like they’d be better off as “farmer juniors” that are given food and shelter in exchange for leaving the JUNGLE. The Civil War and WW2 do not impact my conception of taste whatsoever. When I hear virtually any brown person or any Jew talk, I frequently get the urge to tell them they’re a nigger. And that seems accurate to me, like I’m actually talking directly about reality. If you’re unable to see that then the chances are you have poor taste and you’re not a snob and you have cancer. I’ve determined the internet might as well be a cancer-ward. If you can’t detect ghetto or Pale in people’s words then you’re a goner. If you can’t detect whites who have been niggerjewed then you have no faculty of taste. Because I can tell quite clearly only within a few moments if someone has primitive taste, and these people are extremely off-putting, and they’re everywhere. You want to talk to your family or your boss about this? Why not? Is it that this tastelessness is enforced without any formal law? It’s one thing to lay low, that has its merits, the problem I see which causes me to lose hope is that people are almost always active promoters of tastelessness. They don’t HAVE to do it, and something in them, their very true self, must be tasteless to do so. And those are everywhere. If you can listen to rap without cringing, if you can watch a jew movie without thinking about murder, if you can listen to some floozy talk as if it’s okay to be an unpaid prostitute that has no dignity without thinking about backhanding her, you might as well be dead inside. It’s time to press the button and enact total violence. This is what taste demands. The logic of the US is that we adopt the standards of the very worst people in the country. Seriously, think about that, it’s not an exaggeration. I do not have those values and I never will. I would rather be dead than be in a do-rag, and I’d rather be dead than ever flatter a worthless kike who deserves to be murdered. I don’t know why you visit this site, I just see no hope on the surface of things at least. It’s time to listen to the lowest trash in the country, what a great idea. Former slaves on the one hand and people who have been kicked out of countries over a hundred times on the other. These are some great people, we should listen to them. These niggers really know what taste is. Get back to me when you don’t have a hut or a non-country to point to. Imagine being like that. I’m so glad to be European. I wonder who should determine taste? The only ones on earth who have created 1st world countries???? It’s a mystery isn’t it. There would only be good things if our ruling-caste and their foot-soldiers were all shot and killed. My certainty about this might as well be mathematical. What about you? Or are you one of those apes that thinks it knows what it’s doing? Yeah you have such great taste, you’re such a snob, that’s why you’ve made me perpetually cringe for years on end. You really know, you aren’t a subhuman, you’re fine. Just go ahead and tell a random person all this and see how it goes. Would they react like you do? Are YOU that random person? Try to get better taste, or I’ll never respect you.

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