Make no mistake, any cultural figurehead is lying because they hate the fact that they were born as something people need totalitarian disappearances to never question.

It’s someone with no dignity at all, behold, and now let us universalize the ones with no dignity.

“We BUY what counts as dignity, and we invest our capital in levelers” So you’re some type of nigger or are you a Jew’s slave? It’s either one or the other.

Anyone who questions the trash-humans about their methods will be disappeared using various tactics. Can you imagine how they’ve dealt with me? Do you even know my name? If you talk about their history they will throw lots of money on hiding that. Yeah you hate white men, or you’re just a jew subhuman.

“We’re just going to play it off and pretend we’re cool.” Nah, you’re retards who have many numbers, that’s all. Any face to face debate you’d look like a humiliation, thus you have to stick with bots on the internet. How does it feel to be a nigger? “We don’t need to respond to you.” You are so incapable I have to give you clues about how you could respond if you were actually free and had a conscious ability to articulate it. I doubt you have that. Jews, women, browns, in line to be propagandized they are “equal” to whites, when we are not even included in society at all. You seem like, the scientific word, “niggers”, and you are unable to articulate why that is, because subhumans are incapable of articulation, thus you use silencing and rhetoric to hide it all. It’s a nigger conspiracy. All of hollywood and the MSM hides the fact that if they put any anon on the screen they’d look like some kind of nigger with no morals. Try it, nigger. Enjoy your censorship and bots, that’s all you’re capable of as “the left”, you’re a subhuman majority, try to find that in some history textbook. Subhuman majority. Say something about that. A subhuman never will.

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