“Whores are worth fighting for!” No, they really aren’t. It feels like as a millennial at least they’ve always tried to give us the impression they are. Nah, prostitutes aren’t worth going on a dangerous adventure to rescue. They have no value. There seems to be nothing worth “defending” in general. All careers demand hive-compliance. Even anons tend to seem like half feds without even trying. Yup, things seem pretty gloomy. The only “meaning” possible seems similar to a table scrap. You will accept your whore, you will submit to the hive in your 9-5, and even in your private life you will be a half fed. Lots to really “save” there. The only meaning left is telling them how meaningless that is—then, you realize you’re talking to whores and half-feds and you see even that is meaningless too. “So what’s the bright side to this?” I don’t know, be someone who has value? Unfortunately that seems like an impossible request.

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