Thinking about Islam earlier I caught a glimpse of the divine, which never happens when I think about Christianity. How small we all are, how we’re only a part or a layer in something immense. You get a similar idea from Alfarabi. I always think of him as a genius and never think of the writer of the Quran as a genius. If Alfarabi is possible why can’t something beyond even him be possible? I.e. I find myself taking revelation seriously for a second.

So what’s a middle way for a white boy like me to understand, I like this description of Henry Corbin

He is one of the few philosophers to deal with Iranian Islam in general and Shiite gnosis in particular.

He died the same year the Iranian Revolution began. I think that event biased all of Europe and made someone like Corbin emerging impossible.

Greece is zogged, Germany is zogged, the Vatican is zogged, IRAN isn’t zogged, so keep coping about it, Islam-haters. They must know something about Being these others don’t.

I think about my previous post about how being one with the western hive is so meaningless. The thought of being one with the Islamic hive almost seems meaningful. At least they fight for God. What do you fight for in the west? People who don’t deserve having equal recognition having equal recognition? Equality is your Allah and it seems like an unjust god. I’d rather align myself with a country that explicitly sees all of you as the enemy. Are you equal with “Allah”? That’s the end-point of your belief-system and it sounds misguided to say the least.

So today we have another controversial old “chair” in question- Corbin held the chair in Islam at the Sorbonne a couple of the decades before the Iranian Revolution. So this is sort of a last glimpse at them before we’re not able to think of them clearly anymore.

What do you live for in life? From my observations the chances are very low that your answer to that is “God”. You’re probably some social justice buffoon who hasn’t even examined what the meaning of “justice” is in any detail. Just a blind hatred for white men, that is your “God”. Then, even the right is PC, and as I said, “half fed”, so they’re living a profane existence as well. The only thing stopping me from moving to Iran is I don’t know anyone there. And plus, Americans need a “tour guide” near them at all times. One of the only theocracies left on earth and it’s like THAT? I don’t blame them, Americans should have an eye kept on them. Total fail-civilization they’re responsible for. Like it or not, this is what an “Ice Age brain” like mine has determined as a viable means of survival in the current global conditions.

Ahh it’s a thing of beauty

Some countries have the spine to not even recognize the Headquarters of Satan as a real country, imagine that!

You’ve probably seen something like this before

Corbin is a specialist in “Esoteric Islam”. He says this is an imitation of the procession of angels in heaven. Could you ever? I bet you don’t really have a ready-made response why you couldn’t. “Because I’m loyal to the west!” Go down with the ship will you? I’m loyal to countries that aren’t spiritually defeated. When I’m on the Farsinet and I see them call Americans “demons” I’m like yeah, it’s true, that’s a good word to use.

Know what I think it is? The Quran and Talmud were written about 500 years after the New Testament. That led them to having more of an “updated” awareness. The Quran is full of antibodies against Jews, and the Talmud is full of antibodies against goyim. Christians don’t have that, if anything the Old Testament attached to their scripture hampers any resistance against Jews. So I’m thinking of this mostly in a secular-minded way- their “revelations” are truer simply because they had 500 more years of experience in what they wrote down. Do you think the “Confucians” of the Far East have any antibodies against Jews? Thus it seems the two main viable faiths in the world are Judaism and Islam, materialism and transcendence. Christianity is a dead option, secularism is a dead option. Nietzschean Sufism? It could be possible.

I feel like if I took an American girl with me over there she’d only be poison, I’d be smuggling corruption into the country. That’s pretty sad.

The only reference we have is Lawrence of Arabia.. I’m not even larping, the west is doomed

Getting there will probably be easier once COVID is all over.

I’d rather a Mossad sniper take me out than die the slow spiritual death of living here and caring about the futile politics. It’s time to pay for those slaves and those gas chambers! Nah. If that’s what you find fulfilling in life, posting pictures of horses, I don’t find that fulfilling. Seems like a life built around pleasure and not anything higher. That’s how you pay slave-reparations I guess. Make the ones who owned the boats pay, with their daughters. “My daughter is a slave’s hole, I watch basketball now!” It’s the American way, who doesn’t want to be part of that? Nothing dismal about that, and if you say there is you’ll be out of a job. Oh no, they have to smuggle mini-skirts into Iran. Better than whoredom and social justice, how empty. They probably sneak bacon in too, I don’t think it will be that bad.

I think the main obstacle is that people here aren’t humble enough to admit they got something right in the middle east. So how about a more moderate option- right on the Med, in Syria, their Arabic sounds French/Italian, you ever listen to it? It might as well be an Axis Power survival there. I’ve seen Jews act super paranoid about Islam actually, they do their damndest to make it seem unappealing and evil to whites. I’m not so sure about that after reading what they have to say for themselves via insta-translation. They know it’s a live-option, hence they’ve brainwashed us about them all our lives.

I bet an American woman wouldn’t look cute at all in a hijab, not at all. Who am I kidding, they could never let go of the freedumbs they have here, it’s the best they’ve ever had it. Just an endless living in the moment without any thought of tomorrow. And only future generations will have to pay. If you think the US is a good place for you, even with all your freedumbs, you’ve been fooled. I see the current crop of youths as “sacrifice generations”. Your life needs to be diminished in its dignity for the sake of globalism. That seems really obvious to me, and I’m sorry if you can’t see it. The men are eunuchs, the women stand on street corners, it’s time to get out of here. Or maybe I’ll do some “neo-evangelical” work in Central America, warning the naive indigenous ones to stay away from the northern devil? When I see Asian immigrants here acting “ghetto” or Latino ones acting like they’re right out of “Weimar” then I know it’s over here. Leveling tends to affect whites more subtly, and if you learn to look for it you will see it everywhere. Look closely, my nigga. If you really try to get into the head of the contemporary kike you might get the eerie sense that it would be ideal to them if people who said anything against white genocide were imprisoned, and since that would be “pushing it” (for now) they settle for exiling them from society instead. Not like I’m a mind-reader or anything. Unless I am? I probably am. Man, what I would do if I could live in Iran and teach them about America the Great Satan. If they were smart they’d have something easily found on google for ways traitors could get over there. “You’re abandoning us!” Yeah, you’re worthless, you scapegoat anyone who tries to help you. What do you really live for here, tell me. The better ones are half-feds, and that’s empty, and you should just accept it.

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