The collision of galaxybrains?

Is he like a Guenon-type figure I wonder?

So, even the one who portrays him as a villain concedes this about him

It is my conviction that [Corbin] may have been the most sophisticated and learned esoterist of the century.

I already KNOW just by looking at their NAMES, at this point, that I don’t even have to look them up!

So why oh why is Corbin a villain, and why is he so obscure?

Some of these memes I find..

Parachute in with a prepared tan and brown contact lenses, sinple really.

This Israelite is making Corbin sound pretty epic

whom he depicts as a “blatantly aggressive” advocate of esotericism… who “declared eschatological war on history” (180). Again presuming to speak for his audience, Wasserstrom states that “he declared war on us

A war in the clouds? Wasserstrom is a disciple of the chief kabbalist of the 20th century, Scholem.

So it’s possible to alter them in the course of the cloud war

every polemic testifies to the potency of what is being polemicized against, and Corbin’s influence on the study of mysticism, not only Islamic but also Jewish, was profound and transforming.

Wasserstrom insists there’s an “incognito” conspiracy in Corbin’s books which is anti-democratic and anti-semitic.

There truly is an ongoing Holy War, and if you don’t see that it’s because you’re one of the Christians that’s already been destroyed. Now you fight for the Jew.

Isn’t this interesting, I’ve seen this postulation a few times now

the mystical current in Islam was historically by no means a marginal phenomenon. The entire Shi’ite tradition is essentially esoteric

Iran is the Sufi stronghold. The west has nothing like that. Mystics who will BOMB you. The fans of “Uncle Ted” Kaczynski tend to be so irony-poisoned they’re useless.

Hmm something else to look out for in this unknown and prolific writer

Corbin’s emphasis on “gnosticism” is also interpreted by Wasserstrom as being “implicitly anti-Jewish,”

Only one of these you’re not allowed to be “anti” about

“It’s because we essentially bribe people into discussing the world religions a certain way, dumb goy.”

This is profound

Scholem who had stated that gnosticism was “the greatest case of metaphysical antisemitism”

Yes! Because Yahweh is the Demiurge! Found out!

The mystery is solved, take notes.

You probably serve the Demiurge, so why would you?

A pocket of light that still exists in the universe

Just a coincidence where most of these are placed, right?

You think I exaggerate when I say my experience talking to Americans is like being in a glass booth separated from gremlins in hell?

Anti-gnostics have something to say? Take it up with this psychologist

in a discussion of Carl Jung’s controversial book, Response to Job, Wasserstrom concludes that “[Corbin] agreed, in effect, on the fundamental (if esoteric) principle that the High God of the Hebrew Bible was in fact a monstrous demiurge

Here’s some info about those Eranos lectures, outside of this Habiru’s treatment of them.

I don’t care if I’ll have to wear a turban, it just gives me hope, the thought there’s somewhere in the world that isn’t packed with minions of the demiurge.

I’ve only read a couple things from these meetings of the minds

It looks like there’s only one other book like Wasserman’s out there

Hakl presents the only complete study of what is arguably the single most important gathering of scholars in the twentieth century

And why was Corbin picked out as the villain, out of all of them, in the first-mentioned study?

Ah a pilpul-detector

Like a mantra, Wasserstrom repeats the phrase, “the greatest scholars require the closest study,” at regular intervals throughout the book in order to lull the reader into believing that this is in fact what he has done.

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