ARE there academics who read me? Are you even able to doubt it, that we could do more honest work if we set up a treasonous department in the desert somehow? If you’re trying to keep up with the Joneses you’ll be perceived as having “lost your mind” right? Who cares about that? Don’t you care about intellectual purity? If you think “social suicide” in a Stalinist culture like ours is a bad thing then I don’t know what to tell you.

Anyway, I’m continuing to get a bird’s-eye-view of this villain of mysticism studies

Corbin’s was perhaps the most complex and significant Eranos treatment of Ahriman as planetary antagonist

Ahriman is one of the names of the Demiurge. Corbin began his lectures at Eranos in 1949, four years after the ~possible~ instantiation of the Demiurge achieved victory through might-makes-right. Nooo that couldn’t happen, we live in the best of all possible worlds where evil doesn’t prevail and we aren’t kept in its prison.

“Ahriman, is that like Sauron?” Yeah if you want to think about it like that.

No one can say your name for years if you fight this thing? What is going on? Just normal things that happen in life…

Iranian myths that will get the adrenaline flowing that they don’t want you to know about

So, that Wasserstrom yid from my previous post reads this and thinks, “Hey, he’s talking about us being destroyed here!”

Most have already decided to serve the Demiurge unfortunately. Missed the boat. It was waiting in the harbor and now you can only see it on the horizon, and I see you, dot on the shore.

In shillworld if they’re not exclaiming how excited they are to have a country that is 100% savages they’re promoting alt-lite lackeys who might as well have the same effect. You’re hopeless. Born to serve!

This is hopeful. Those Shias are so far ahead of Americans

The cycle of Ahriman will be followed by a new aeon, that of Ohrmazd. Similarly in the Ismailian theosophy it is the two phases, the Light and Darkness of the Angel who is the demiurge of our cosmos, which will motivate the alternation of cycles of epiphany and occultation.

This Ismaili sect is strongly Neoplatonist.

You relate to this at all?

either they might dwell in heaven, safe from the ravages of Ahriman, or they might descend and be incarnated in material bodies in order to combat Ahriman in the earthly world.

I can’t say I know many like this.

If I avoided English I’d probably find more kindred spirits, in the Farsisphere especially.

You might like to reread my post on Dugin and the similarities between Shia Islam and Russian Orthodoxy. While Ahriman appears to have his banks in Russia unfortunately, there does seem to be many parallels between these two religions.

So many sad clowns out there who only give the appearance of not serving the Demiurge. They all team up and pretend people like me don’t exist. I know what you are, and you’re not worthy of life.

It’s not your fault though, because like I said, when the Iranians had their counter-revolution in the 70s we only decided to further up the ante in the opposite direction, thus you were probably born into this.

Since I’m not finding much primary material let’s see how that yid spins the conflict

Cladistic legalism. They embody “the letter”, oftentimes whether they’re conscious of it or not, it seems.

Hans Jonas says in the 1930s about the mortal hostility between Gnosticism and Judaism that “one was very much alive to this aspect of things”. That’s the most interesting concept I’ve seen for a while. Feel guilty when someone brings up the Demiurge, feel accused even if they don’t mention your religion directly? I wonder what that means. This is a “monastery post” I don’t expect many to get.

defending the fragile world of Light against Ahriman

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