I think of Simone de Beauvoir, she was a world-historical figure. It was a real paradigm-shift with her and we’re still recovering from that. The nasty detail is that if you trace her lineage she was nobility, and the feminists of world tend to not be that. Maybe you just think I like being mean? No. Female nobles existed in other times, and that ideal is nonexistent today. You want to know what de Beauvoir was like? I doubt you could handle it. If you want to be literally tortured and abused then I offer that to you, because I… that’s supposed to be secret, never mind. Such a proto-female though, that Beauvoir. You never have seen any non-leftist people speaking about her I bet. What you see as the George Washington of women I see as a quirky shrew with reason to doubt.

If you think of de Beauvoir as incapable of being understood by the “muggle-women”. They will need to use censorship, bots, and propaganda in order to prevent people from knowing that pleb-brain peasant women will never understand de Beauvoir. It’s amazing, a “misogynist” has to be the one who makes a defense of /yourgirl/. You’ve lost connection to the noble-caste at this rate, it’s because the third-world is needing more help. If you want real feminism the first step is to acknowledge that the beginning in Beauvoir is up for question like anything else.

“I prefer the rabble agenda!!” I know.. It’s really sad to see.

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