This looks so good on the surface, doesn’t it?

Freemasonry carried in itself the realization of the ideals of the “universal man”, without a national, historical, class and religious face.

I’m drawing on Elista’s favorite again. Prior to the revolution in Russia, freemasons had been percolating into society for over a century. Read that quote again, there are so many grim details it hides, and it seems so good on the surface. It attracts people that don’t really think about things very much. Do I personally believe there are freemason-types in western countries TODAY? I doubt they’d leave a paper-trail. Probably wouldn’t call themselves freemasons, probably would have a generic-seeming name for themselves. Are financiers simply playing racketball with each other in their freetime or do they have some sort of fraternal order? If I were them I would. People always think of Bilderberg- they probably have lots more informal get-togethers.

Let’s look at this again- “without a national, historical, class and religious face”. Yer standard propaganda does instill this sort of thing. Except I’d say class is downplayed and race and gender are prominent. So the question arises whether there is a source. We always look at the demos and note how they got their ideas from propaganda, and never speculate how the propagandists themselves got their ideas. If it was happening in Russia… I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some “orders” here. I bet feds are in them. In many cases though it’s funny to think that our propagandists are themselves victims of propaganda. It’s probably mostly a circular, self-enclosed system with only a few above and outside it. “So wait a second, what’s so bad about getting rid of the national historical religious etc face? That sounds like a dream to me!” Why don’t you live in Mexico? Okay, that’s the importance of national. Historical? Without past models of heroes and golden ages we will never have thus in the present. Religious? Uh you ever notice all the materialist-hedonists around? Even to someone who’s critical of those ideas all the time though, it fools me at first glance, so it’s understandable why so many are drawn to it.

If you saw the way I saw the world you’d probably have a seizure. Many people are not much more than animals with clothes and if they don’t have the right belief-system they will be nothing more than that. It’s possible to discipline these animals, and they don’t have that at present. That’s what you get when you erase all those things, as much as it sounds like “such a dream”. There are methods of sublimating their animal side so that they’re respectable human beings and none of those methods are in place. People are usually like “ooo what’s freemasonry about, sooo mysterious” and never have the thought that it could simply be wrong. Just because it’s secretive doesn’t mean it’s correct. “Maybe you just haven’t been initiated properly.” I think they haven’t been initiated into a reality outside of “our” political order.

I don’t think you need hooded cloaks and lodges to achieve the effects of freemasonry. People can do that just fine using social media. Russia was a Christian nation so they had to be secretive. In the US it’s standard to proclaim the ideals of freemasonry right out in the open. Many of us were born right in the middle of a “subtle revolution”. A shift in perception can be as effective as a guillotine, and that’s whats been ongoing. National sentiments are dissolved over time, history is forgotten (except for a few key convenient events), the authority of religion continually deteriorates, races are equalized, men and women are equalized, etc. “That sounds like a great dream!” Are you willfully blind to the deleterious effects? Probably. I think of someone with a little daughter for instance. They’re uniquely biased because they want “the best for her”. She’s going to do cartwheels on the moon, she’ll get there all by herself, she won’t be the Amelia Earhart of space. “GRRRRrrrr…” Having that bias though causes blindness about all these grim effects of “freemasonry”. There truly is an effect of animalization. “I’m the same as a Mexican, I’m the same as a black, all cultures are the same and can’t be judged, I have no history, I have no God above me, women aren’t irrational and cosmetic.” What effects do you really think those beliefs are going to have? You’re living a cursed existence if you believe those things. You have no ideals at all, and in fact you’ve made the lowest common denominators your ideals. You belong in a zoo, I don’t want to smell you.

This sort of thing happened 60 years or so in the US

Spiritual duality, suffering from the loss of pure images of faith, doubts and mental anguish entered his life. Having experienced the skepticism of the French enlightener, he could no longer return to his former integrity. The mockery of holy objects, often repeated, reached the most intimate depths of the human soul. Even Leont’ev, already living in Optina, noted that he still continues to be drawn to Voltaire, his stinging prose. Such an impact destroyed, but did not give an answer to the main questions of human life.

They try to “help” POC and women and they can’t even help themselves. What are you trying to do for them? If you’re not helping them answer the main questions of life then you’re not helping them at all. And our “elites” can’t even answer those themselves. They’re just on a raft in a storm, they don’t have a ship, and all they can do is toss the “downtrodden” ones a board. That’s where we are. I have schadenfreude for these people and I probably shouldn’t. It’s like, what are you doing, you should keep all the boards you have, you barely even have a raft. Think of my ranting about how not even .01% of women today approach the Beauvoir ideal. And you think you can help POC? “Honey”, I think you should focus on yourself. You first need to figure out how to be a dignified person, because I’m not seeing it. You want to take POC down with you or what? It’s probably too late, you’re all going to descend in a downward spiral toward the nadir of decadence together. For 60 years or so the edifice of civilization has been getting chipped away, and there isn’t much left anymore. And now the animals can be what they are without anyone saying anything against them. What do you actually believe in in life? I think if you were honest your answer would be pretty embarrassing. Fortunately for you, there are fewer and fewer people who can perceive your answer that way.

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