Why settle for a Frenchman’s interpretation of the Sufis when we have the internet?

we will find that in fact mystics live in a common Alawite homeland and express similar principles according to their cultural requirements. . All mystics flee from exile to settle in their Alawite homeland.

I’ve been exiled to the US? It does feel that way.

Funny how on the Rusnet you see the observation that the founding stock of the US and even the waves of immigrants in the first few decades of the 1800s were mostly criminals. We’re taught that about Australia, and not about our own country. Anyway that might explain some things (why it’s the land of con-artists and Vegas is its teloic blossoming).

You never hear this about the Sufis

the Brotherhood was based on the principle that there is no conflict between Islamic law and Greek philosophy.

Some of these languages aren’t on google translate, so that’s one possible obstacle

You’re telling me that with air conditioning and other technology it wouldn’t be perfectly fine living on the border of this uninhabited desert?

It would be such a slap in the face to zog if a million or so of its prisoners started a society in their enemy’s heartland. “I’m not a prisoner… exactly… It’s not like that!”

So these demons made their demands on the Iranians and they responded with “I don’t think so.” Have you done that?

Thinking back to my previous post, the “freemasons” have been trying to corrupt them through satellite broadcasts and other infiltration methods. So think of Iran as similar to pre-revolutionary Russia. They’re still in the introduction of “Voltaire” stage.

“Why does a Nazi seem smarter than me anyway? I thought that wasn’t supposed to happen.” You tell me. It’s probably because you’re living a lie and everyone who surrounds you is similar.

“It doesn’t matter, because there are so few people like you, haha!”

Shut up, you know you adore me. A real monster you are for that.

Here’s a conspiracy to look into in the future

So, looking at this

Iran’s main allies are already taken out. Saudi Arabia has been infiltrated, Turkey has been infiltrated, Egypt has been infiltrated, Iraq… Azerbaijan, Jordan, U. A. E. All they really have left are these mini countries like Armenia, Lebanon, what’s left of Palestine, then Qatar is iffy, and of course most prominently they have Syria too. Then there’s the good news of China making that 25 year alliance with them, and the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan. Don’t you want to know what the layout is against the Actual Enemy? Virtually 100% of websites will not talk to you like this. Then there’s the question of a Fifth Column within Iran itself which might rear its head after Khamenei’s death (he’s 82). “They” might have been planning something like that for years for all we know. Dugin has suggested that they take the utmost caution when selecting their next Ayatollah. They want to bury most of those people in the middle east in the sand and build a new civilization on top of them. The fact that they exist at all is such a painful reminder to them that something like an Ancien Régime is still possible. Charles, Louis, Nicholas, Adolf, and now Muhammad is their final target. As you saw above with Wahhabism it’s possible to repackage Muhammad so he isn’t Muhammad anymore, and that’s probably what their plan will be initially for Iran. You could tell with Trump’s emphasis on Israel when he was trying to get re-elected who he had to please. That little sliver in the middle east is the pride and joy of the country-hopping cabal. It’s the apple of the eye of the simultaneously most capitalistic and most communistic people on the planet. Muhammad is an obnoxious stone in their shoe. They probably intimidated them enough with the killing of Saddam and Gaddafi recently so they might not need a vigorous presence in that area for some years. You’d be surprised how much “cognitive aerobics” it takes to understand “the mysterious Orient”. I’m only beginning to myself and I’ve had to do lots of fancy footwork to get to this point. So what are the esoteric beliefs of these Shias?

This struck me yesterday

Corbin’s History of Islamic Philosophy. In his assessment of this work, Wasserstrom actually goes so far as to count the number of pages that Corbin devoted in it to the Qur’an, to Sunni theology (kalam), etc., in order to demonstrate that “less than one-eighth of the whole” is devoted to what “statistically, makes up the bulk of Islamic religious thought”

Is Sunni theology more susceptible to corruption? There might be a clandestine history of it being spread for that reason.

What’s in question here is the ideal “technology of divinity”.

This couldn’t be a coincidence

Are the Sunnis “PC Muslims” in a certain way?

“No, Shia Islam is the most toxic and backward!” I see them as the ones least likely to capitulate to the powers that be. “What about China?” You mean the ones whose state-religion revolves around the Enlightenment Jew Marx?

How insidious would this be?

Your whole life revolves around a slave-religion that was created by your enemies, that must be tough. I bet none of my readers can relate to that.

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