Some other names. So, this was a theme

the Aryan-Persianism explored earlier in the century by John Malcolm, Henry Rawlinson, Arthur Gobineau, Ernest Renan, and latterly Edward Granville Browne

The name Iran means “Land of the Aryans” after all- must be a coincidence.

This is one of the most difficult areas of “anthropology”

Shi’ism was little studied in the nineteenth century and well into the second half of the twentieth western scholars of Islam paid most of their attention to the Sunni world. This state of affairs changed when the Iranian revolution of 1978-9 drew the world’s attention to Iran

It’s a lot easier to study America’s other enemy, China, objectively. If you examine yourself closely, does your blood-rate increase when you contemplate Iran and its religion?

So, no one really studied Shi’ism, and then when they finally did it was after the Shi’ists had undergone an anti-westernization process. (That’s explicitly what their revolution was about, if you didn’t know.) Plus, add that hostage crisis “incident” on there and you can’t hope for people of the west to study it in a detached manner. Then of course once it simmered down a little we had 9/11. Not a chance of understanding them in such conditions.

You know how much crap I have to sort through? You have no idea. I just don’t mention that side of things to you. Democracy this, democracy that, shut your pie hole please. And then this, like, no, I already know you’re not a “scientist”

“He’s prejudiced!” Yeah, you bet I am. It’s called learning through experience how not to waste my time.

Anyway, do you see what I’m doing here indirectly? I usually talk about the theological-political. At the moment I’m trying to determine the nature of an alternate theological-political. What do you know about the Shi’ists? Anything at all? The true Other if there ever was one. Russians and Chinese are at least relatable to us.

Corbin has a student named Christian Jambet

For some twenty years the media have increased their coverage of the phenomenon. Never, or only rarely, do they formulate the question we ask here: what is Shi’ism?

Corbin focuses on the esoteric side, Jambet on the exoteric. Then there’s someone named Massignon who specializes in the Sunnis, if you prefer to learn about them. “I prefer to veg out and bow to the prog version of Mecca five times a day instead actually.” Sounds robotic.

I mostly use these French fries to find keywords that I can google in Persian or Arabic given that the Europeople publishing houses are owned by the Demiurge.

For instance, this was easy to find on the Farsinet

sources studied are written by those who have converted from Judaism to the Imami Shiite religion

“Oy vey, I really AM one of the minions of darkness!”


Unfortunately, we do not have any research on the controversial treatises of Shiite scholars against Judaism in the nineteenth / thirteenth centuries. Relying on pristine sources, this article examines a number of controversial treatises from the late eighteenth / twelfth and nineteenth / thirteenth centuries, and presents historical data related to them, explaining the main themes and their importance.

The eeeevil ones of the planet, and you’ve never even heard their “case”.

The question is, can this be translated into secularese

I know for certain that Jewesses at least would be better off as Muslims than atheists. I’m just trying to help, you don’t want people to help you? I’m just messing with you. Unless I’m not? The life of the typical atheist Jew just seems meaningless, they bring Vegas with them everywhere they go. I wish they could go back to running the whorehouses instead of the media.

Ah so this mob factor isn’t new

Shia Islam for most of its history has had to grapple with Sunni public authority and numerical superiority.

Then there’s the wider context also

Can you even think of much thoughtcrime existent in North Korea?

Wait a second, I feel like that Iranian alone in the room.

People witness too much of this in the US probably

People will happily join the feds if that would be their fate otherwise.

Then they somehow end up convincing themselves they weren’t “coerced” into being a system-puppet. Nah, they’ll make sure your life is bad if you don’t do what they demand. There’s not much “independence” there on your part in that “choice”.

So what is it about the Shia religion that leads to them being pretty much the only ones left? I’ve read that Syria and Lebanon would’ve been dismantled years ago if it weren’t for Iran.

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