Jumping from one child of Abraham to another

To say that democratic equality is the secularization of Christian equality is to affirm a proposition that is logically inconsistent or incoherent, a proposition that self-destructs.  This is because the very meaning of Christian equality resides in God; it has to do with the other world, whereas democratic equality has to do with this world… [thus] we have two radically different ideas.

While this is a shrewd observation I think it naturally follows from Christian equality to equalize God and this world.

I look at Christianity and secularism and just think “Your time was up! That’s just how it goes.” Something must be different in Shia ontology.

People think of Washington and Lincoln instead of Calvin, and that’s a laugh. He’s arguably thee basis of the country, especially if you consider Locke’s empiricism as beholden to protestant theology.

The Shias say that, next to the Quran, the Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī is the most important text for the Sunnis. This is the approximate equivalent to Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. Jesus and Muhammad don’t go away, they are just interpreted in a very particular way. And from the looks of things, the Sunni countries have been conquered, and the Calvinist countries have been conquered. Well, what else do you want to call it? So what is it about Being that they got wrong? You’re so scared of them. You’re spiritually defeated through and through.

Your gesture when you have no response

Everyone’s just forced to be a huckster and never admit. I can’t imagine how soul-crushing that must be. Are you just used to it?

Just walking around in one of these all the time, what’s that like?

I try to make my posts “presents” for you.

When we talk about cladistics it can be misleadingly abstract, as if it’s a process happening outside of humanity. I think people personally accept secularized Christianity, and that they purposely put themselves in the pillory

The root and core of all reformed theology is the doctrine of justification by faith alone. All that is distinctive in the teaching of Luther and the Reformation may be traced back to a conviction of the radical perversity of man and his total alienation from God because of the immensity of his sin, together with a rejection of the currently accepted solutions to the problem of forgiveness and reconciliation.

I think mentioning the concept of “leftist purity spirals” is appropriate here. Old ways of fighting racism might as well be corrupt as the old Indulgence system of the Catholic church, and thus we have to up the ante! Because we’re such terrible sinners!

I see the sick people of today everywhere when I study these prot founders

Whites are totally depraved, while browns and Jews are forgiven absolutely. Sick people with twisted pathologies.

Say it out loud, see if you sound like a fool when you say it out loud- “White people are depraved, and everyone else is forgiven!”

I still don’t know all the details of what the Shias believe, it just has to be better than this craziness. You’re heading off a cliff because you feel so bad for the wretched ones. “Anything to ease their suffering, I’ll even sacrifice myself.” It’s like it’s systematic that there’s a guide leading a line of whites into a volcano or something.

It’s never enough, it’s never enough

“Even saints,” wrote Calvin, “cannot perform one work which, if judged on its merits, is not deserving of condemnation.”

They pat themselves on the back for being so self-effacing too. This is their secret “white supremacy” in the truest sense of the term.

See, I want to find an Iranian who knows all the psychological subtleties of Shi’ism like this. So much more is going on with whites than you see on the surface.

Wow, this is them to a t

The Reformers break with the medieval tradition not only in their more radical statement of the problem of sin and man’s fallen condition, but also in the solution they present. We are justified before God, they claimed, not by works… but sola fide, by faith alone.

Get me out of this suicide-cult!

Now mash this Calvinism together with Locke and the doctrine of equality.

Even more disturbingly, throw the Saxon/Norman conflict into the mix.

We got some crazy people in this country, probably genetically crazy.

HOW crazy, you might ask? Return to the beginning of this post. They’ve even equalized themselves with God! Now THAT is some Puritanical nutcase behavior. And it’s simply seen as normal and people like me seem like the crazy one. Okay. The real “sin” is turning into the third world with no standards, that’s the error of what they have “faith” in. I wouldn’t call someone who brings that about a “saint” in any sense whatsoever.

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