I just want to walk you up to the steamroller and let you drive it yourself. YOU can make them into pancakes. I bet there are people who could do it better than me too, there’s just something off-putting about the “social death” side of it. The pancakes get so flat they curl up and the wind takes them away, and they’re always reconstituting themselves somehow, so there’s plenty to steamroll. Leftists who read me, I have to hand it to them, they have a calling for being reborn. You can be reborn as something else instead you know? You don’t have to be perfect pancake material. I keep trying to tell you for years that the point of Marxism isn’t full communism, it’s full aristocracy. No one has that ideal. The focus is always on the exploiters and not what kind of lives the exploiters could live through exploiting. You can’t be squeamish about the concept of aristocracy, otherwise you will never be able to grope toward that ideal. If you can’t even say it you’re never going to be it. I always sense that people are giving me the stink-eye when I talk about it and I do it anyway. These are just the conditions of living in a heavily demotic regime. I know it’s “cringey” to even say the word God unironically. Think I care? Well I do sort of care, and I say it anyway. In similar fashion, in this stage of feminism women would do well to listen to men. You’re just shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t do that. Preferably not system-shills, and if you can find someone who’s relatively sovereign that’s probably fine. I’ve seen leftists say they want children to have a vote, and that’s the ultimate conclusion that you draw. At least those ones are consistent. There’s not going to be any order if rangordnungs are that radically disrupted. “It’s good to be radical!” If you’re giving children a vote I’m not so sure about that. I know this is never going to be reversed because the bioleninists are so power-hungry. “I’m not a child, and I’ll use my vote to silence you!” This is a real thing. I’m sorry for those who were born after this process had already been going on for decades- we just don’t have a choice about what happens because it’s so far along. I don’t intend to be mean when I say that the misery of the left is what we should hope for. The sooner that arrives the sooner they will face the fact that certain premises in their belief-system are against reason. I feel so sorry for kids who are born in this intermediate time before the contradictions of the left implode on themselves. Their parents are going to be commie children themselves. You like how someone who talks like this is excluded from society? Yeah, I’m the right one, I know. As punishment they should make me the dean of an all-black college. I guarantee you they’d get a better education than what they get at prog colleges. Oh no, some of them run out of class crying. Oh well, they’ll be back, they’re strong. You get an F, you’re forced to reenact the experience of being a slave on the weekends, chained up in a field. Remind them why they were enslaved in the first place. It’s because they never exerted themselves intellectually. I’m serious. I’d rather do this to whites, plenty of them could use a literal whipping. Can’t learn? I’ll teach you to learn. A merchant-people that hates you has been in control of propaganda all your life, and you think you don’t need something extreme to reverse that? Unfortunately they have to treat the various wretched ones so daintily. No… You want to know what you are? I’ll tell you. Maybe then you can grow, after losing the illusion and the false identity you have. I just like to tell certain people what they’re never going to hear because virtually everyone is too afraid to say it- browns, jews, women, you have some serious growing to do. I really hope that you don’t find yourself 80 years old and close to death being the same person you are now. Everyone has been very tender with you so you probably haven’t realized it. You desperately need to be put through a boot camp or something like that. If that still can’t help you then that’s your fate, to be only a fragment of a human being. The goal, from my perspective, is neechen- Goethe wasn’t good enough, Beethoven wasn’t good enough, we need better than the best. Many leftoids believe that too except they do it in a spirit of hatred. Start from admiration and go from there. If you start from envy, bitterness, and resentment you will never be better than them. Do you want to die as someone with a chip on their shoulder? “How about I teach YOU a lesson?” Ah so it’s a stomping pouting child that can’t grow up. “I don’t care, our political order rewards that behavior.” If that’s how you find real meaning in life.

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