In the mood for a futurism post? I have to remind you that anyone with futuristic inclinations would probably be talking about eugenics all the time if they were allowed to. To someone that doesn’t care how they’re perceived, it seems like one of the most relevant subjects. Ideally you need genetic engineering before you set up your lunar abode, and once you are there genetic engineering will be one of the main things you do there.

A couple controversial things that seem important to think about- this theory about sphingolipid storage in the Ashkenazi brain. Obviously there are barriers keeping scientists from focusing their attention on this sort of speculation. Sphingolipid storage is one of probably many factors that account for their intelligence. Then, if you want to get even more illegal, you have to wonder about the particular genetics of white aristocrats, supposing they haven’t been cross-bred with plebs at this point. We might have to dig them up, who knows. Because in many countries jews and aristocrats both constituted the upper-caste, and the jews were given the tasks the aristocrats felt were beneath them, things that they were ashamed of doing themselves in many cases. Yes, THAT is who rules you now! I never in my life have tried to “take anything away” from Jews, I respect their intelligence, and there are probably things to learn from there. This other side of it though, people really don’t want to talk about. Sphingolipid storage equivalent in aristocrats? Ideally we’d unite the best parts of both brains in one individual, the New Human. That’s just the brain, we have to focus on the body too, because when you’re in space you get weak, so we have to alter the skeleton also. Not to mention you’re in danger of being pelted by random rocks that will kill you, so maybe we should just have titanium skeletons or something of the sort? And auto-regenerating skin? And then, I’m not sure how much of the brain needs to be organic for a “felt sense” of the self to remain. Ideally that will be made into silicon if not something even more indestructible also. We run the risk of replacing humans with robots and I’m not sure robots will be able to find meaning in their existence, and that seems essential. We’re trying to evolve into a higher form, and robots without real consciousness would be a return to matter, i.e. a devolution. “Return to matter? That’s the progressive objective! You have a problem with that?” Gasp, you admitted it.

While I’ve said it before it’s worth repeating, because no one else says it- one of the most important tasks of the modified geniuses is to develop a science of the humans on earth. An anthropology that’s as flawless as physics. It sounds kind of sinister (oh well) that once you do that it seems natural to subtly invade them and surreptitiously guide their evolution. So in other words, escape monkeyearth, evolve independently, then return and help them do the same. I don’t know if this kind of project would fly in the deserts of Iran! In that scenario you’d actually be doing something similar though. It’s like how (((certain people))) in the UK have been creating TV shows in Farsi and broadcasting them to Iran. We could do that FROM Iran and broadcast them TO the US. Can you imagine people pirating transmissions from modified geniuses on the moon? Who knows, it might be so totalitarian at that point you’d be gitmo’d if you’re caught tuning in. If you stopped caring about the Joneses we could easily start a society somewhere near the Canadian border and do something like this. “No, they’d send the military in.” Okay probably, and that’s why you shouldn’t perceive me as “crazy” for proposing the Iran, Moon, seastead, etc. ideas.

Just scrolling through recent titles on z-library with the word “posthumanism” in them I can tell from all the usual publishing houses there won’t be much of value in any of them.

Futurists have two main problems- 1. they never criticize the political order that constrains intelligence-increase, and 2. they never talk about important concepts pertaining to posthumanism because they of necessity theorize within that political order.

“I thought you just had ‘the Jew Thing’ and had to go JOO JOO JOO all the time?” No, they’re the ones holding back my Plans, that’s why I do that, it’s a means to an end. Okay, deconstructing their mythology is also a joy for its own sake, I will confess. That’s probably what those geniuses on the moon would do too. Unless it’s true that the Portuguese are the real ones behind the Jews too, can never rule out that possibility. No, it’s the Normans, they survived and they use them as their shield, so devious. Can someone tell me about that though? Across European countries it was the same French-speaking Germanic family that constituted the aristocracies? It goes without saying I don’t have a go-to study to learn more about this from. Let alone a CRISPR article to link you to. I know people really hate to hear it, for starters though, it seems obvious that we should reanimate that caste ASAP. Here now, and on the moon. Nah, never going to happen here. Right and left to me are a kind of misleading duality because most of the right has pleb sentiments too, and are creatures of ressentiment. I’m the only one among them that ever talks about the Übermensch, they don’t know what they’re doing at all. And then besides that, very few talk about Exit which seems like a requirement for the Übermensch to emerge, and the “exiteers” never talk about it either, i.e. never talk about the real point of Exit. “The point is to get away from the left!” For what? Get away from the left for what? To create the Übermensch. And then the left itself is simply too sorry and pathetic to even speak of. When will they stop, when the 1.4 BILLION people of Africa are “saved”? You probably don’t want to hear their answer to that. They can’t even “save” 1 of the 42 million in the US. All of their policies are ineffective and only reinforce their animality. Both the left and right are useless and do nothing of value. Their “esoteric plan” seems to be to genocide African-Americans in the sense that they seek to stir them into the melting pot. Maybe once only mulattoes exist we’ll have some breathing room for posthuman discourse. They just feel too bad for them when they’re so black and brainless, their hearts weep uncontrollably, thus they’re trying to make them brown and half-brained. Maybe after that’s done we’ll be able to be less ~sensitive~ as a nation. Pay slavery-reparations that YOU DON’T OWE using white genetics as currency. Okay, if you want to be part of the direct opposite of posthumanism you do you. Ideally, while CRISPR is still in its beginnings, we’d be focusing on coupling the best whites with the best whites. Once CRISPR advances we can go even farther than that. No, everyone in our historical situation is still too teary-eyed about the monkey-esque beings that live among us. I do concede that must be a curse, because at least in Africa they don’t have to be around white people and hate themselves all the time. “You’re not supposed to talk so directly about everything wahhhh!” Baby want some spooned apple sauce instead? sigh, Ironically, this is all my attempt to do what I say would preferably be done by a group on the moon, in an Iranian desert, etc. So it’s a necessary step in the process. I certainly see how they react to all this, and have showed you, and we can learn from that.

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