I bet there are people who want to know what this kind of thing is about

There IS a similarity here

The decentring of the human at the core of posthumanist thought has its corollary—indeed, its typological anticipation—in feminism’s de-centring of ‘man.’ 

Don’t you just love how they never call themselves feminists? You are THAT! This is what they’re constantly trying to do. De-centering the white man in particular, that is their main enemy.

Whatever, I’m an open-minded person- maybe there’s something to learn from these posthumanist ones.

There’s a novelist like this named Joan Slonczewski who envisions an all-female society. That’s the first symptom I see.

If technology continues to progress and our order remains gynocratic then we might expect posthumanism to be feminist, so this is probably important to understand for anticipatory reasons. Similarly, and chillingly, we might expect intelligence-increase via CRISPR to be defined by Jewish intelligence.

Just being real with you, I really doubt I can trust someone like this to be objective

Why is that? Because white men are the actually-existing “posthumans”. If you hate them what can I expect from you? You’d hate a “super white man” too.

Trust me, you’ll be swimming in pussy if you talk to them this way, you can count on it.

I don’t care, women get in the way of my plans as much as jews do. To hell with them.

I’m trying to give them a chance here, okay? And I keep finding stuff like this

what then would a founding feminist constitution look like? How would it guarantee foundation against what bell hooks has termed the ‘white supremacist capitalist patriarchy’?

This is for a space-settlement. So, in other words, your version of “posthumanism” is repeating the exact dominant ideology on earth?

Ahhh finding too much boilerplate, might have to abort this mission.

Here is how I will frame the issue that they have, for the rare rational woman who might be reading this- they’re still at a phase where they’re struggling to be men. When that’s where you are, the posthuman isn’t going to be something you’re going to understand very easily. There’s of course a similar problem among those I term do-rag whites. Can’t expect them to think clearly about posthumanism either. It might be really hurtful to say? Only a minority will be able to formulate these sorts of ideas without bitterness. Unless you’re near the cognitive peak of evolution you won’t be able to know what the step after that will be like. And before you ask- do I trust Zuckerberg designing an AI to administer his website? No, the ethos of the Jew tends to be geared in the opposite direction of posthumanism. You can’t be said to be near the peak of cognitive evolution if your attitude revolves around “tearing down”, and that’s where most Jews, browns, and women are stuck at. I try at least to see what’s going on with feminist posthumanism! Maybe I’ll find something, who knows.

This for instance is an interesting subject

It is argued that many popular cultural representations of posthumans are still entrenched in a conventional gender economy. 

If and WHEN women are augmented, it seems inevitable that gender relations will change radically. Just talking to you directly, if we can remove woman’s “gossip gene” and also perfect artificial wombs then obviously nothing is going to be the same anymore between men and women. At present a majority of women it seems are baby-machines and chatter-machines. Despite that, they still demand equal recognition as if they already had been augmented. No, that will only cause chaos. You’re asking for too much too soon. You’re going to ruin society and Chinese women will be the first ones who truly deserve equal recognition, there’s no doubt about it. That’s where we’re heading.

At least we can see eye to eye in some respect

Here’s a “mean” thought-experiment for you- say that we augmented both men and women into posthumans. What do you think about building a “wall” around our society to keep the humans out? AHAHA! If you get hysterical at that thought I’m not sure you’re fit to be thinking about these things.

The 5% minority of posthuman women being around a majority of “muggle women” all the time… that couldn’t be healthy. “This is a racist dogwhistle!” No, never, just ask yourself if it would be good to spend time around those humans. They’d probably corrupt you with their primitive ways, and reverse your progress in going beyond the mere human woman.

Are they so far gone that it’s futile to talk to them? Either way, I’m about to have a falafel hummus wrap for breakfast.

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