There’s something funny about the fact that you can’t say the name of the “real Napoleon” of the 19th century. Because that would be a canard (whatever that means). I’ve seen people flip out about it when you say the name. Whatever, they marry their daughters and dowries off to others with names like Loeb, Lehmann, Schiff, Kuhn, etc., increasingly goyifying their names to be more incognito. I just think if an ET were looking down at earth they’d find it interesting that one name is so taboo. Can you understand history without including Napoleon? Can you understand history without including the Super Napoleon? “Ah what do you mean we shouldn’t have MORE incest? Meh I guess I’ll settle for a Warburg then.” Anyway, forget I said this, because I know what people think of you when you say it.

Mullins has lots of different ideas to look into

One of England’s greatest dramatists, whose work is largely ignored, is Christopher Marlowe. He wrote three great plays, all of them devoted to exposing the mystery cult: Tamburlaine, The Jew of Malta, and Dr. Faustus… Yates notes that Marlowe’s plays, with their merciless examination of the forces behind mysticism, may have been purposely overshadowed by the more mystical works of Shakespeare.

The question is, does this “clique” have a history of occultism? We learn from Shahak that even normie rabbis literally prayed to Satan. So how about the higher-tier members of the kagal? Not to sound too “out there”, there might be two sides to our overlords. The plebs have worshiped one type of spirit, and they another. Forget I said this too.

Mullins says some things I’m not even going to post, though they seem likely. Passing all that over in silence, this is a scary thought here

The USSR is just the fore-runner of the International Communist State which will gradually absorb all capitalist States.

An earlier purge of nobility, some 70 years before Charles got the axe

Many thousands of the Huguenots were able to flee, leaving their possessions behind them, particularly those in the northern districts of France. They were able to make their way across the borders into the Netherlands, where they found that they were hardly welcome. Most of them embarked for the shores of Ireland, and after remaining there for periods as long as one hundred years, they were able to jet sail for the shores of the New World.

Did you know this?

from 1534 until 1633 Canada was practically Huguenot controlled

There’s no “New World” to go to now.

Pretty much everyone involved in the “conspiracy of silence” against me seems like commies. Just sayin. Something messed up about all that over the years. I’ve carved out my own “New World” online as best as I can and they don’t want even that to exist. Hate to be immodest, you’re the modern-day equivalent of commies, and I of nobility. Just what it seems like! I don’t think it’s very “cool”. A dirty pleb conspiracy.

Anyway, Mullins seems to be right about a lot of this stuff, if you want to look for yourself

Capital and violence have shaped what we think of as “Truth”. I recurrently try to look at reality as if for the first time and it always seems like many of our concepts were forged. It doesn’t matter to me that so many of these people were killed, reality matters, and you can’t kill reality. “With people like you gone no one will know the difference.” Yes, I know you’re a sinister person who actually believes that. We’re so many centuries into the purges that people like me can mostly only be interpreted as something to scapegoat. And meanwhile they keep before your eyes simulacra of me which are really just means of maintaining their order. And the simulacra feel accused when I say that and feel bitter about it. Just a bunch of disavowed commies in a pleb conspiracy.

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