So what ever happened to Mullins anyway, for writing what he did? This is from one of his last books

Because they failed to subdue me by criminal acts which would have crushed most Americans, they determined to strike at me in another way, by hounding my father, my mother, and my sister to their deaths. This is not a pleasant story.

So this is how they dealt with the only real disciple of Pound?

What’s weird is that he lived his last 18 years without writing anything…? Either that or his bibliography has been meddled with.

The FBI watched him for decades.

For some reason this seems suspicious to me (someone has to say it)

Huh, I didn’t know about this detail

only Ezra Pound fought the Jews openly. And he suffered grievously, spending thirteen years in a hideous urine soaked madhouse in Washington D.C.

So did they bury what Pound’s disciple wrote during the last 18 years of his life or was he simply inactive?

Only a handful of people you can say this about, and most of them didn’t write in English

It’s a pity so many people are afraid to believe what Mullins told them, because it was much more of the truth than has ever been seen in our schools or our media.

Wow, this is pretty ideal actually

Ahahaha this is the last post on the site I find this on

“The deep state always wins” as the saying goes!

I wasn’t expecting this…

Friends, Through a conspiracy between his great grand nephew Matt and a drifter Named Jessie Lee, Eustace has been taken from his rehabilitation hospital and has disappeared. The hospital told the police that he dismissed himself against medical orders… I do not believe that Eustace left on his own

This is from 2008. So they killed his family, kidnapped him as an old man, and disappeared his late books?

Then the feds set this site up with false “proteges” and an expurgated bibliography?

Alright so, in one of his last books, from 1985, he says that in 1980 he obtained 500/800 pages the FBI had on him, and half of the pages he did get to read were redacted with only a few sentences legible.

Mullins is one of the only Americans I know of who wrote about what he did.

Pound requested that he serve as his “legs” when he was confined in the mental ward (without trial). That’s how Mullins began writing about the federal reserve, which he had no prior interest in.

Interesting bit of history

Tinfoils are probably going, “Mullins himself was a spy!” You’d have to convince me. He was so poor he had to secretly live in the library he did research for Pound in, if that tells you anything.

I seriously get the recurrent sense that most of my readers might as well be the minions of the kinds of people I try to expose. Hi, how’re you doing? Why are you who you are? Why do you do that?

Anyway, remember Mullins is the one I quoted previously about how they were infiltrating our institutions, in the 70s. We lost the Cold War. Mullins is also the one who informed me about the Habirus, which is the earliest evidence of “their” existence I’m aware of. He’s pretty much one of the most thorough writers out there, so I’m not surprised they tried to ruin his life in various ways and killed his family. That doesn’t have to happen these days simply because people are so controlled! There aren’t Mullinses around today. They’ve preemptively neutralized them.

They kept trying to ruin his life, that was the experience of the disciple of Ezra Pound

My main question is did he write other books after this one besides the two written 18 years before his death?

Honestly who needs the FBI in our time, citizens do the job for them. It’s all real, you’re all Jewish stooges.

Wow, this autobiography is great. An account of what they do to you when you reveal their secrets. At least how they operated from the late 40s to early 80s.

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